Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

5 Most Important Things To Expect When You Date Ukrainian Women


Most Western and American men, who use services of online dating platforms or brides agencies, have a strong decision to marry a girl from Eastern European countries. And as a matter of 13 year experience in matchmaking, we can state unequivocally that the most desirable ladies are Ukrainian. Why is dating a woman from Ukraine so preferable for men from the USA, Canada and West Europe?

When we ask our clients this simple question, they cannot clarify it. We usually hear something like "they're beautiful and well-groomed", "they're family-oriented" and so on. In order not to get upset with your expectations, our Ukrainianrealbrides team have made a brief research concerning Ukrainian women. Keep these top-5 important things in mind when you start a relationship with a beauty from Ukraine.

1.The Family is the Biggest Value

When it comes to values, Ukrainian ladies put their family above all the other things. Children, husband and family nest are the stuff they take the biggest care. Even if a woman is a successful business-lady, who is a severe manager at work, she'll stay a caring mother, feminine lover and dedicated wife at home. That is the difference between Slavic and Western women.

Thus, while dating a woman from Ukraine, be ready that sooner or later you'll be asked about the seriousness of your intentions and readiness to create a family. One more serious challenge you'll deal with is meeting parents. It can be rough but for your favored one it is important to get parents' approval.

The next step can be meeting with your family. For Ukrainian girls it's a traditional practice to introduce each other to the families before starting a long-term relationship which will lead to marriage.

2.Trust-Based Relationship

If you want to get something more than just a short fling with a Ukrainian girl, be ready to be as honest and open as you can. Of course, she'll ask you tricky and sometimes embarrassing questions about your past, especially your previous relations with girls. Just be patient and think about your answers in advance.

It's a good idea to start a relationship with a Ukrainian girl which is based on trust. Because namely trust plays an essential role on the long-term basis. If your significant other treats you as a reliable man, who always tells the truth, you may celebrate your success. Her heart will be melted for sure.

While telling the truth to Ukrainian women, you may expect to get their sincerity in return. Thus, mutual trust will be a good basis for creating a good family with healthy relationships.

3.You as a Man will be Respected

Traditionally men play a significant role in Ukrainian society. Local families are more patriarchal than matriarchal. Despite women in Ukraine have equal rights, men are considered breadwinners and family guardians. As a result, as a man, you'll get respect and dedication from your spouse. But don't kid yourself! It doesn't mean that you're a king and your girlfriend is a servant. No way! You'll be respected, if you are a real gentleman, who can stand up for your family.

Some Western men after reading frightening stories about scammers and frauds have the established opinion that dating a woman from Ukraine is intimately connected with extortion of money and nothing serious. Of course, if you use proven matchmaking services, you'll not face such a problem. Because modern ladies in Ukraine are well-educated, motivated and self-sufficient.

4.She will be Careful with You on the First Steps of Relationship

We've already mentioned above that trust-based relationships are expected from your side when you're dating a woman in Ukraine. However, let's face it, for your future Ukrainian girlfriend you're a foreigner who most likely appeared from an online dating site. So there is no wonder why your favored one will be careful with you on the first steps of relationships. As a result, you need to make every effort to gain her trust.

If you really have a big desire to date a Ukrainiian girl, give her some time. She needs it to start feeling comfortable and safe with you. A bunch of local beauties aren't ready for short romantic flings. Rather, they're in tune for a long-term relationship which will lead to marriage. Thus, be ready for the rose and candy stage that is needed to build trustworthy relations between you and your significant other.

5.Be ready to Become a Gentleman

Every girl dreams to meet her knight in shining armour and Ukrainian females are no exception. When you choose a well-groomed, attractive, intelligent and committed local lady, it won't be enough just to be a Western man to win her heart. You should be a Western man like they watched in Hollywood movies who can fulfill her life with romance, affair and love. And we're not talking about expensive presents or somewhat.

Ukrainian women like to be praised and complimented, they like flowers and small gifts. For most ladies your attention is much more valuable than the price of gifts you present to them. When you have a relationship with a woman from Ukraine, don't forget to celebrate the date of your first meeting, her birthday and other important holidays. Your attentiveness to details will be really appreciated by them.

To sum up, keep in mind these tips unless you want to be disillusioned with the idea to have a relationship with a Ukrainian girl. We have helped hundreds of couples between Western men and women from Ukraine to create their successful love stories and even families. Thus, if you need any help in this case, feel free to contact Ukrainianrealbrides.