Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

How to flirt with a girl over chat? - 5 Best Tips


Lighthearted flirtation with women is a key to win their hearts and build a successful relationship. Flirtation as well as a good sense of humor isn't always a natural skill. It's a kind of ability which you can train and develop. So, if you have no idea what to text in messages or you're afraid to be a little weird and lighthearted with ladies, check out our tips on flirting with girls.

This article is devoted to the art of flirtation in chats and messengers. In the old days, men sent their significant others handwritten love letters. They wrote long texts full of romantic context, poems, and confession of love. Women thoroughly kept those sheets of paper and anxiously re-read them from time to time. Times have changed but women appreciate love messages, flirtation, and romance as before. Believe us that if you text your sweetheart something special, she will reread it several times with a smile on her face. Thus, it's high time to reveal the flirting with girls tips.

How to Start Flirting with a Girl?

Women like flirtation. It helps them feel desired, gorgeous, and loved. When you flirt with a girl, you show genuine interest in her. It's a sign that you like her and you have romantic intentions. Do you know what flirtation means? Let's check before we start with the tips.

Flirtation is a wordplay with some conceal subtexts. It's a strategy of communication when your girlfriend is intrigued by hints of closer relationships, romance, and even sex. But the art of flirtation lies in your ability to choose the right words and phrases. You must feel the delicate line between vulgarity and lighthearted flirting. The latter shows your interest to the beloved person and gives mutual pleasure.

So how to start flirting with a girl on chat? In the 21st century chatting is the simplest way to start a conversation, get to know each other, and even build a serious long-term relationship. Whether you use chats on dating platforms or popular social networks as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or whatever else, the ability to flirt with girls is essential if you want to attract women's attention.

Our team from Ukrainianrealbrides Agency has prepared a top-5 tips which will help you to feel comfortable while flirting and get success in love affairs.

Tips on Flirting with Girls

If you're going to win girls' hearts you must be skilled in the art of flirtation. As we told before, ladies, especially Ukrainian women, like flirting. The general rule says that you must be confident and act naturally. And remember an important thing that any grammatical or spelling mistakes are unacceptable.

Lighthearted and adequate flirtation differs from vulgar conversations because the main aim of flirty messages is to attract women's attention. We won't trouble you with the other details so let's start with the tips.

1.Replace a Banal Greeting with a Perky Joke

Ukrainianrealbrides is a dating agency with long experience in building relationships between men and women. And many clients ask our advice concerning the first steps in flirtation. So how to start flirting with a girl on chat?

Our first tip refers to greetings in messages. If you've seen romantic movies or read books about the Middle Ages, you must have noticed that lords and brave knights had begun the letters to their significant others with phrases like «My dear...» or «Your Ladyship». Of course, if you write something like this to a girl you hardly know, it will seem weird and awkward. But writing a banal «Hi» or «Hello» also isn't a good idea. So what should you do?

  • For instance, if you're using online chat on a dating platform or a social network, you can explore carefully the profile of a girl you like and take some notes about her. Then this information will help you to make an interesting and personalized compliment.
  • If you have a good sense of humor, you can use info from her profile to crack a joke. When you make her smile or even laugh, you can be sure your further conversation will be more easygoing and relaxed.

Thus, compliments and innocent jokes are the best way to begin a dialogue with a potential girlfriend. If you've chosen a beautiful and attractive woman, remember that you're not the only one who texts her. So you must stand out from the others.

2.Make your Conversation Personalized

The list of tips on flirting with girls won't be complete without personalized messages. What do we mean? If you've applied for a job sometimes, we bet that you had written different CVs for different job offers. Thus, your CVs were personalized.

Almost the same thing with girls. It's a bad idea to use the same cliches with every lady. Try to make your partner feel special and a one-of-a-kind person. It's not so difficult to do this:

  • While chatting use the first name of your girlfriend or its shortened alternative. People like to hear their name. This technique makes your conversation more intimate and helps to build trust-based relations. Even Dale Carnegie said that names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
  • If you know each other quite well and long, you can create a special nickname for your girlfriend. Again, there is no place for bore and triviality. «Honey», «Sweety», «Darling» and others are good, but they are overused. Especially if you're dating Ukrainian women, you should be creative and original.

3.Use the Power of Compliments

You'll unlikely to find a girl who doesn't like to feel adorable and desirable. And the task of men is to remind their ladies of the fact that they're gorgeous, eye-catching and sexy. And as we're talking about flirtation you may make compliments with sexual overtones. The closer you know each other, the hotter messages you can text. For example:

  • Let's say that you've already been dating your girlfriend for several months. After your offline date, you can send her a compliment like this: «You looked awesome and sexy in that red dress. But I can't help but think about you without it....»
  • You wake up in the morning and write your sweetie a message that you had a very hot dream with her participation last night. Then ask a question: «Do you want to know the details and make it real...?»

4.Use Emojis to Versatile Conversation

There are many ways to express your feelings in chats. It doesn't matter which chatting app you use for communication, you should versatile your messages with emojis and stickers. And this is our next point in flirting with girls tips. They transform your plain strings into a cute message with allusions. Even writing a simple wink ;) or kiss :* shows emotions you feel and want to share.

If you're making a joke, you can type a laughing smiley. Or when you're expressing something romantic and a little mysterious, you may use a heart smiley or simple dot dot dot. But don't overuse emojis. Your messages shouldn't seem like cave drawings.

5.Be Yourself

This is the best general advice among the tips on flirting with girls. It helps to build a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. The more you pretend someone who you're not while texting messages in chats, the more it will be difficult to communicate with your partner in real life. That's why be yourself!