Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

What are Ukrainian women like?


What are Ukrainian girls like?

In recent years, marriages with foreign women, particularly East European ladies, have been gaining popularity. And that's no wonder - they are well-known for their positive traits, such as generosity, loyalty, and beauty. But what makes Ukrainian girls stand out so much when it comes to dating and marriage? Find out in our article!

First and foremost, Ukrainian girls value family over anything else in life. They would not hesitate to sacrifice a career in order to take care of kids as this role in a family is traditional for Ukrainian ladies. In addition, staying single after the age of 30 is not typical in Ukraine as the societal norms imply that people would already have family and kids by this age.

There is no person who can create more comfort and tranquility at home than a Ukrainian lady. They know exactly how to make the place shine with cleanliness and how to prepare delicious dishes of the traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Hiring a nanny to take care of their kids is also not an option for these women since they would rather be housewives than permit some strangers to come anywhere near their children.

If you start dating a Ukrainian girl, be ready to have the circle of your family members extended at least twice. Family ties are very important to them, and you will most likely be introduced to her parents and relatives once she realizes that your intentions are serious. Be ready to accept her family as a part of yours and to constantly get informed about her parents or siblings.

Keep in mind that she would have the same attitude towards your family and would never refuse to help if someone is in trouble. However, this is what is expected of you as well, especially in marriage. Your bride will be attached to her family all along, so be ready to pay them regular visits. And a physical distance is not a decisive factor here since even living in another country doesn't mean that you won't be spending vacations in Ukraine with her family.

What Ukrainian girls like most, however, is to look beautiful. And this is what they do best since any girl in Ukraine can barely imagine showing off on the street without makeup and carefully styled hair. Going out without sprucing herself up is not an option here, even if she is just buying milk in a local store. Obsession with beauty, however, is a costly hobby, so prepare to spend quite a lot on makeup and perfumes.

Meeting a Ukrainian girl online does not necessarily mean that she will immediately fall in love with you. Winning their loyalty and love may take some time, but if you do melt the ice successfully, a reward will be outstanding. They know exactly how to support their husbands when needed, how to choose the rights words to encourage them, and when to take control over actions. Ukrainian ladies are not afraid of bearing responsibilities and would not hesitate to make decisions if required.

Some foreigners expect Ukrainian ladies to be ice-cold in relationships, which, however, is a terrible mistake. Once you meet in real life and overcome an initial communication barrier, you will see how welcoming and warm her personality is. Yet, you need to respond with love and attention as well. Remember that she is not the one to be controlled all the time, so don't try to restrain her freedom of meeting with friends or relatives.

A widespread misbelief states that Ukrainian women marry western men mostly for money, which is not true at all. They may be seeking financial stability but never through selling their dignity. Don't try to express your love through expensive presents when dating a Ukrainian lady - prove it with actions instead. She doesn't care how large is your capital if you are going to keep her in a golden cage, so keep that in mind when trying to impress her with money.

Summarizing the talk, Ukrainian ladies shine with:

  • warm-heartedness
  • strong family values
  • skillful housekeeping
  • faithfulness and reliability
  • great sense of humor
  • stylishness and beauty
  • tenderness

What do Ukrainian girls like?

What Ukrainian women want from their men undoubtedly varies in details, but the overall picture is commonly the same.

First and foremost, Ukrainian girls appreciate manly traits in their boyfriends and husbands. But don't try to play a “macho” since such attempts are usually quite pathetic. Show that you are a confident and calm man who can guarantee prosperity to your family and kids. Remember that in a long-term relationship, she is all into raising children and caring about parents, so don't try to impress her with stories about dating dozens of girls at a time and getting drunk with friends. Having a little fun is great, of course, but she is searching for stability in marriage, not a lifelong, wild rock 'n' roll party.

Her obsession with appearance is not only about herself - it will touch you as well. Ukrainian girls love fit men who regularly visit the gym and keep their bodies in shape. You don't need to look like a fitness trainer, of course, but developed muscles are a sign of good health and can possibly be a motivation for kids to do sports alongside their dad. A little self-care always pays, especially when it comes to a man who is married to a beautiful woman.

The ability to fix things at home and be a plumber/electrician/builder when needed is also a huge plus. In Ukraine, it's considered normal to do all the household chores yourself, without asking for professionals' help. It allows both saving funds and getting things done quicker, so men are commonly responsible for keeping everything in the house working. Cooking skills would be a great advantage as well since Ukrainian ladies love men who can take care of themselves. Remember that your spouse gets tired of endless house chores and would appreciate some help from her loved one.

A housewife role does not mean that your Ukrainian girlfriend cannot have any hobbies, so it would be great if you could support her in those. Be it doing sports together, drawing, writing, or anything she may be interested in, showing your support would encourage her to achieve great things. It is also a good way of strengthening your relationships since you both will be involved and actively participating in each other's lives.

When it comes to the financial side, Ukrainian girls appreciate stability and prosperity, which their home country is missing so much. This, however, does not mean you can buy her love with money without putting any effort into building better relationships. Keep in mind that Ukrainian ladies aren't afraid of managing a family budget alongside their husbands.

Being enthusiastic learners, they would love to see a man with a sharp mind and a developed sense of humor near them. You don't need to be a walking Wikipedia to impress a girl, but your interest in discovering new things and opening up new horizons is a really great trait to possess. Keep her interested not only in your physical appearance but also in your character and mental capabilities, and you will have the best wife you could ever imagine.

So, a Ukrainian girl is likely to fall in love with a man who is:

  • gallant and caring
  • smart and witty
  • family-oriented
  • financially stable
  • hospitable and open-hearted

All in all, despite the commonalities between all Ukrainian ladies, each of them is a personality first of all, which you will need to examine carefully if you want to date her in the future. Successful relationships always require hard work from both people, so make sure that you are not passing all responsibilities to your spouse. In the end, you will be rewarded with great love and loyalty from your Ukrainian bride!