Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

The 15 Things women want from a man in a relationship


Women are very enigmatic creatures. Sometimes it's really hard to understand their mood changes. Do you remember the movie “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson? Knowing what do women want in a man relationship is a kind of your secret power to win girls' hearts.

What a woman want from a man in a relationship?

1. Feel as beyond a stone wall

Women are mostly feminine and fragile. They want to be treated well without any viulence, cheating and abhorrence. A good relationship is about pleasure not a harmful job.

2. To be praised and complimented

Knowing that she is beautiful, hot, intelligent or whatever increases her self-esteem and confidence. Ladies much appreciate sweet words about their appearance and character traits.

3. To be respected

Honesty and respect are the keys to long-term relations. Especially it stands to Slavic brides. For example, Ukrainian women looking for men would prefer a man who listens to their opinion.

4. An invulved man

That means that as a man you must be present in all fields of her life. Be attentive to her needs and show her a sincere willingness to become a part of her life.

5. Loving and caring attitude

Doesn't need comments. Care, love and warm feelings lead to happy and unclouded marriage. No intimacy isn't possible without an emotional connection.

6. To have trusted relations

Women like to know what to expect from a man. Trust is a basic of her feeling safe next to a partner.

7. Feel genuine interest in her personality

A man should be attentive to all the details. If you see her new hairstyle, for example, make a compliment. She'll appreciate it.

8. Respectful towards her parents

Women of almost all nationalities have very close relations with their families and parents. If you have serious intentions, be ready to get acquainted with brothers, sisters, mom and dad.

9. A man should be a good listener

It's important not only to listen but hear and understand the troubles and worries of your spouse.

10. Act more than speak

It's a classic tip. No one likes empty words. Every promise must be supported by an appropriate action.

11. Mature and responsible

Forget about the carefree time of your youth. If you want a serious relationship with a girl, prepare to take responsibility for both yourself and her.

12. Accept her habits and share lifestyle

Let's admit, as a man you don't accept when somebody tries to change your habits. So do women. Take your girlfriend as she is with all drawbacks. If she wants to change something, she would definitely do.

13. Be an interesting companion

Easygoing conversations, pleasant pastime together with you allows a girl to be herself.

14. Be a romantic gentleman

Good manners and romantic gestures are much appreciated by every single lady.

15. Adaptive person

Women's character and behavior is often unpredictable. Be robust and understanding. Don't show your negative emotions even if she does.

What does a woman look for in a relationship? Now it's an easy question for you. Women are very individual. But the above-mentioned advice will help you to melt the heart of even the most demanding girl.