Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Why are Ukrainian women are so beautiful?


In 2020 the hype around Ukrainian women doesn't abate. Despite Ukraine has never won in the World Beauty Contest, more and more Western men consider Ukrainian women as the most beautiful ladies on the Globe. What are the reasons for such a bold statement? Why are foreigners dreaming about meeting brides from Ukraine for marriage? Our team from Ukrainianrealbrides agency has hunted down these questions.

Why are Ukrainian Women so Beautiful - Her Genetics

To understand the origin of Ukrainian beauty we need to remind you some facts about this Eastern-European state. Ukraine is the biggest country in order of size which is completely situated on the territory of Europe. Ukraine shares the border with seven neighbours - Belarus, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Russia on the East.

At different times Ukraine had different relations with its neighbouring states. The above mentioned countries have made cultural and social impact on Ukrainian nation. Ukrainian women are beautiful because they have mixed genetics. The local females have absorbed the most attractive traits from nearby nations.

The local ladies aren't identical. Every girl is special. There is a rich diversity of women for any taste in Ukraine. But they have at least one common trait. It's their natural beauty and attractiveness.

You acquaint with Ukrainian girls with different hair colors starting from nutbrown and ending with ginger. Even natural blondes aren't uncommon nowadays. Most Ukrainian beauties have dark brown, grey, pure-blue or light-green eyes. We can compare the beauty of local women with the summer. The female Ukrainians are hot, cheerful and energetic.

One more reason to consider female Ukrainians as the most gorgeous is their good figure. Most local ladies are slim. They are focused on their health and body. Yoga classes, fitness, shaping and other sport activities are common interests for the locals.

Social Role of Ukfrainian Women as a Reason for Being Beautiful

Aiming to meet a perfect wife, you should definitely visit Ukraine. A local girlfriend is all in one - a passionate lover, a committed spouse and a caring mom for children.

An ability to combine the uncombinable attracts men's attention from different countries. A Ukrainian woman can be a desperate housewife and a sexy kitten at the same time. Even when she's cooking traditional borsch or doing housework she doesn't lose her sexuality.

Ukrainian women are beautiful as wives. In the bottomless eyes of the local ladies you'll always find a reflection of their loved ones. They're very feminine and focused on family. Their main value is the hearth and home. Despite there are many successful business ladies in Ukraine, the bulk remain good homemakers and loving mommys.

The local women are raised in patriarchal society. There is no place for feminism. This movement isn't so popular there as in the USA and some European countries. Girls are self-determining and self-sufficient and they respect men.

The female Ukrainians are second to none in the role of moms. They are caring, loving and very tender mommys. The main priority for women in Ukraine is their children. They make every effort to raise them with good manners, education and social skills.

Great Taste in Clothes

Walking down the streets of any Ukrainian town, city or metropolis, you'll understand why Ukrainian women are so beautiful. Unlike female Americans or Europeans, women in Ukraine are classy, elegant and attractive. Even if they do shopping or walk their children to school, they look stunning.

The explanation of this phenomenon is quite simple. Let's take a look at Ukrainian traditional cloth. The main item of national clothing is a linen shirt with gorgeous and colorful embroidery patterns. It's name is vyshyvanka. The image of a traditional Ukrainian woman was complemented with a classic skirt, a bright belt and a flower crown. Thus, a generalized character of a female Ukrainian is a naturally beautiful woman in bright clothes.

Thus, the lion's share of modern Ukrainian women have inherent fashion sense. Even if a girl has only a few items of clothing, she manages to combine them with taste. They aren't afraid to be attractive, stylish and sometimes extraordinary.

In addition to stylish clothes, Ukrainian ladies like to wear high heels. This habit adds to their appearance sexuality and femininity.

Ability to Emphasize Benefits with Makeup

Dear gentlemen, if you're reading this article from the USA, Canada or any European country, you must agree that female Ukrainians are more alluring than the local ones. And it's a widely-known axiom that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the World. One more reason for such a bold statement is that women in Ukraine know how to emphasize their benefits with makeup.

Firstly, let's look at male/female ratio in Ukraine. There are 20 million females and 17,28 million males in Ukraine as at December 1st, 2019. This statistics demonstrates that local ladies have to pay more attention to their appearance and general look in order to attract a partner of the opposite sex. That's why local beauties use different cosmetics to look more appealing and well-groomed. Beauty salons and nail studious bask in popularity with the local girls.

Secondly, Ukrainian women are gifted with beauty from Mother-Nature. Nevertheless, they're sometimes too self-rigorous. Thus, they try to hide some external drawbacks with stylish clothes and makeup.

Inner Energy

Asking why Ukrainian women are so beautiful, we cannot but mention their inner world. It is said that it's not the clothes that count, but the things the clothes cover. Of course, the females' outward form is the first thing that draws men's attention. But if you concern a lady not only for dating but for a serious relationship, you should look deeper. And that's where Ukrainian females stand out from the crowd.

As soon as you start a communication with a Ukrainian sweetheart, you'll feel that you're in a trap of her charm. She pulls you like a magnet. It's not magic. It's just an inner energy of Ukrainian beauties. Femininity, tenderness, genuine love and care. That's what they radiate to others!

Instead of conclusion, we'll state one more time - Ukrainian women are beautiful. Yes, they've never been the finalists of Word Beauty Contests. But when you come to this amazing country, you'll recall our words about their graceful appearance and natural beauty.