Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

9 Reasons why young women date older men


It is said, our heart wants what it wants. And sometimes it's difficult to explain why we're drawn to the exact person. Love is unpredictable. Nowadays you can notice that many girls have relationships with men 5-15 years older.

We can recall celebrity couples who don't care about age gap: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner and others. These men are more than 20 years older than their spouses. What is the reason of this phenomenon? We have prepared for you the most compelling arguments why younger women are dating older men?

Why do young women date old men?

When it comes to love affairs we cannot control our heart. We have interviewed hundreds of couples with age difference and identified the main reasons why young ladies prefer older men:

  • Experience matters.
  • They have financial strength.
  • They know how to treat women.
  • Older men prefer relationship on long-term basis.
  • Night parties are not for them.
  • They have taste for life.
  • Self-sufficiency.
  • Keeping a healthy lifestyle.
  • Psychological ground.

Young women looking for older men dating?

The reason why older men like dating younger women is clear. The young beauties are attractive, hot and naturally beautiful. But what are these girls looking for in mature men? We have dug deeper and figured out all re reasons.

1.Experience Matters

A mature man is a wise and confident person. In a word, he is a self-sufficient personality who has already digested life lessons. Older men have experience in every field: at work, in previous relationship and generally in life.

Young girls will never be bored with them. There are always different topics for conversation because adult males are experts in everything: business, cars, traveling or whatever. If you need a piece of advice, they always have what to offer.

2.They Have Financial Strength

It's an axiom that every girl dreams to feel safe and protected. An adult man is like a rock. Women can let themselves be vulnerable, fragile and feminine creatures next to him. By the way, males like the role of a guard for their ladies. That’s why old men date younger women.

Older guys know what they want from life and how to earn money. Most of them have fancy jobs or run business. Their income allows to support a family. At the same time young boys in their 20s need time to get on their feet.

In no case we don't insist on being a gold-digger. For sure, it's better for a woman to be financial independent and self-sufficient. Still, most people consider that males must earn money, and ladies' responsibility is to maintain household chores.

3.They Know How to Treat Women

Do you remember a popular movie with Mel Gibson "What Women Want"? The main character, Nick, awakens in the morning with a perfect skill: he can hear thoughts of all females. Adult males are like Nick from the film - they know how to treat females in the right way. That's what we're driving at.

Older men are more careful and sensitive to girls. They seize ladies' meaning at once. Thus, communication with them is easier and more pleasant.

In case of intimacy maturity also matters. These men have invaluable experience and it’s the serious advantage over young boys. That's why younger women are dating older men.

4.Older Men Prefer Relationship on Long-Term Basis

Young guys aren't ready for serious commitment. They prefer short-term flings and experiments. The reason for this is simple: building a serious relationship requires time, stability and a clear understanding of their life journey. Boys in their 20s have lack of all these. They just need more time to grow up and mature.

When we're talking about older men, they have already overcome an adolescent period in life. Long-term relationship is preferred for this category. If a young lady is ready to get married, it's better to choose among adult guys.

5.Night Parties Are Not For Them

Where do young men and women are trying to find their soulmates? Yes, in pubs, bars and nightclubs. These aren't the best venues to find a partner for a life-long.

Adult males, on the other hand, don't like loud parties and booze because it's a closed chapter for them. They're focused on creating a family and strengthening relations in their couples. To find a bride they prefer to use dating sites for old men than visiting nightclubs.

6.They Have Taste for Life

Mature men are like good cognac: the older the better. This is true in some extent. If only we aren't talking about ancient grandpas in their 70s or more. Thanks to life experience older males have taste to everything. They know how to choose good wine, interesting destination for traveling, good quality furniture, clothes or whatever.

What is more, they understand that good quality isn't equal the highest price. Adult males have ability to find goods they need with reasonable quality-price ratio.


It stands to every aspect of life: work, financial stability and personal goals. They are good-mannered with behavior of a British gentleman. Why? Because they are confident and self-sufficient. Where to find such a partner? On free dating sites for old men.

By the way, one more interesting skill of most adult men - cooking. By reason of age they are good chefs at home kitchen. They don't wait from wife that she will be cooking all time. If an adult man have time, he will surprise his beloved lady with exquisite meals. We can assure you, it won't be just fried eggs or potato.

8.Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

We don't tend to hurt young guys who are doing sports on regular basis. But experiments has shown boys in the age of 18-25 years are less athletic. They want to try everything in life: hangouts with morning hangover, flirt with different girls and other stuff common for youth. There is no place for healthy lifestyle.

Older men also drink beer, wine or whisky. Some of them smoke cigarettes. But they know their limitations. These habits are more like hobbies than harmful obsession.

They realize the value of healthy lifestyle. That's why they do sport, visit gym and keep healthy diet.

9.Biological Ground

It may surprise you but one of the reasons why younger women are dating older men lies in biological features. The thing is men grow up slower than women. It means males need more time to gain maturity and prepare to responsible life.

Girls mature faster. In 22-25 years most females are ready to build up a family and become mothers. What do men usually look like in this age? They look like a teenager who's tend to play gadgets, have parties all night long and enjoy life without commitment. That's why younger girls need someone who's older to be on the same wavelength.