Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

20 Creative Summer Date Ideas – Something for Everyone


Summer is a perfect period for outdoor activities with significant others. Days become longer and the weather is warmer. So you may have a great pastime with your beloved person somewhere in the open air starting from simple picnics and ending with hiking. In this article, you'll find 20 fresh summer dating ideas that will help you to diversify your relationships and enjoy summer to the full.

Open-Air Movies

Many cities offer their citizens drive-in or alfresco movies in parks or special venues. You can conveniently settle in a car or cozy up on a camping mat just in the open air and enjoy the romantic ambiance. The great advantage of open-air movies over cinemas is that you may chat with your significant other during the watching without disturbing other moviegoers. And the second plus is that you may combine watching a movie with a small picnic with wine, snacks or something just under the stars. You will find other tips for dating a Ukrainian woman in this article.

Bicycle Ride

In comparison with other date ideas for summer, going for a bike ride is both a nostalgic and romantic pastime. This is a thrilling journey into your carefree childhood. If you don’t have bikes you may always rent them for a day or two. Then create a fascinating route by visiting parks, forests, or city spots and take a ride. There is no need to race against time. Just make a joyful ride together with your beloved one and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Try Water Activities

During hot summer days, the best spot for having rest in places near the water. It can be a river, lake or sea depending on the area where you live. Apart from lazy sunbathing on a beach you may experience different water activities such as kayaking or stand-up paddle-boarding. This is a fun way to unwind on the water and to spice up your relationship with something new.

Unwind an a Beachside

Among all summer date outfit ideas we cannot but mention visiting beach spots in your local area. Here again, it doesn’t matter where you live. Find a place where you can have a rest near the water — a beachside or a poolside. Relax on a sunbed with a cocktail, sunbathe and swim. What can be better on a sultry summer day? And when you become tired of such lazy leisure, you may always play volleyball or go for other activities on a beach.

Visit an Amusement Park

Almost in every city, there is a place where we can plunge into childhood. It’s an amusement park. This is a cute date idea for summer because you can have fun playing different games, boost with thrill and emotions while riding on roller coasters or whatever. Amusement parks have many options to offer depending on your preferences.

Open-Air Festivals and Concerts

If you share a common interest in music and art with your girlfriend, you may visit some alfresco performances in your city. It can be concerts of popular bands, local music festivals, or ethno-tourism events. For example, in Ukraine is very popular Atlas Weekend, Zahidfest and others. Thus, if you date a Slavic bride, you may suggest she visit one of them. The main idea to visit open-air performances is to enjoy something you both like and bond your ties.

Set Up a Rooftop Date

What can be more romantic than a date on a rooftop under the stars in surroundings of breathtaking night city views? It’s one of the best summer date ideas. You may prepare everything by yourself or find a company which can make all the stuff for you starting from serving a table with food, snacks, and wine, ending with a live music band. We bet your significant other will be surprised with such a date.

Enjoy a Sunset or Sunrise

The beauty of nature thrills inspires and helps to recharge our inner energy. During the sunrises or sunsets, you may see Mother Nature at its best. Think about observation areas in your city where you can enjoy the fascinating views. It can be the roof of a building, the countryside or whatever. No matter what you choose, sunrise or sunset, it is worth seeing.

Go to a Picnic

One of the cute date ideas for summer is going to a picnic. Yes, it’s not new and inventive, but still, you may have a great time together with your beloved person. Pack your favorite food and grab a bottle of light wine or champagne. We also recommend you take some snacks, cheese, and seasonal fruits with you. Then choose an appropriate outdoor location where you can relax and revel in each other’s company.

Take a Day Trip to a New City

First off, a change of your everyday scenery helps to relax and keep your mind off a regular routine. Secondly, traveling is always an adventure. A day trip to a new city will be a small story of your couple. You may take a car ride, listen to and sing along with your favorite songs, taste aromatic coffee in roadhouses, then stroll around the new location and just feel the moment. Even if you don’t have a car, you can always rent it or take an organized bus trip.

Do a Couple’s Photoshoot in the Open Air

We take photos on our phones almost every day. Selfies, food photos, landscapes, and so on. However, a couple’s photoshoot will be an absolutely new experience for you both. So if you’re looking for summer date ideas, you should try a photo session somewhere outdoors. It’s very easy to arrange. You should choose a photographer, check his/her portfolio, select a location for shooting and attributes you need for photos. Then all you’ve got left is to reveal the process of shooting and to wait for the ready photos.

Play Outdoor Games

There are so many options to choose from for outdoor activities in summer. Therefore, if you and your significant other keep an active lifestyle, you should definitely try some outdoor games. It may be tennis, beach volleyball, ping pong on the open areas, yoga somewhere in a green park, badminton, or even simple jogging. Decide which sport or game you like the most and make a unique and unusual date.


Take a Class of any Hobby

Actually, this idea may be useful not only during the hottest period of the year. This is an all-season option to spend time together and learn something new. But if we’re talking about summer date outfit ideas, you should choose classes of any activities which are held in the open air. You may try classes of any outdoor sports, alfresco fitness or yoga, water sports, and many other activities.


Going stargazing isn’t an idea for a date itself. This activity may be a good ending to date with your significant other. For example, after dinner in a cozy restaurant, you decide to stroll around the city at night under the stars. Long talks, beautiful scenery, kisses with a beloved person. What can be more romantic?


This option is for couples who know each other well. It’s not an idea for the first date. If you want to get new emotions and refresh your relationships, you may go camping for a day or two. Hiking, observing the sceneries of nature, drinking coffee near a fireplace, and a sleepover in a tent. This is a both romantic and thrilling adventure for experienced couples.

Stroll in a Park and Taste Ice Cream

Compared to other summer dating ideas this one is one of the simplest. It doesn’t require much effort from you. Invite your girlfriend for a date and head to the nearest park in your city. Buy any kind of ice cream and have a peaceful walk. This idea is a good option especially for couples who are at the start of their relationship.

Wine (or Beer) Tasting

Does your girlfriend like wine? Or maybe you both are beer lovers? Depending on the beverage you prefer, find a place where you can taste different sorts of the favorite drink, learn something about its production and enjoy the special atmosphere of tasting. It may be a local winery or a beer pub with its brewery.

Go to a Countryside

If you live in a bustling city with a busy pace of life, then one of the best summer date ideas is to have a date somewhere in the countryside in the surroundings of nature. You may take some snacks and cooling beverages and go to a rural area. Have a walk in a forest, take photos somewhere in a field, take a rest on a bank of a river or local lake. After an active daily routine, this option for a date will give you the possibility to enjoy the company of each other in peace and quiet.

Try a Dolphin Swimming

If there is a dolphinarium in your city, you should definitely try swimming with dolphins. This activity will boost both you and your significant other with positive emotions and energy. After swimming you’ll be smiling like a kid. Of course, it’s not a cheap activity, but it's worth trying.

Make an Outdoor Breakfast or Brunch

The last but now the least date ideas for summer is making an outdoor breakfast or brunch. This is a good option for the weekend when you don’t need to wake up early in the morning and go to work.

The easiest way to put this idea into practice is to visit a local restaurant or cafe where brunches are served. Try to find a place with an open terrace and a beautiful view. Order something special and leisurely enjoy the moment.


Summer is a period when you have so many options to diversify dating with your Ukrainian girlfriend, so don’t waste time and opportunity. Choose among the summer dating ideas we’ve mentioned above and surprise your significant other with something new and unique.