Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

What is a mail order bride?


Online dating is a developing trend in the twenty-first century, especially after the events of 2020. The situation with a worldwide pandemic and total lockdown of most countries has transformed our perception of life. Dating on the Web, using sites with mail order brides or dating apps have become a common pastime of single guys in the USA, Canada, Europe and other developed countries. And today we're going to discuss one of the most efficient ways to find a girlfriend. What's a mail ordered bride, and is this really so effective as people say?

Nowadays you can order almost everything online without any efforts. Everything you need for this is a smartphone or laptop Internet connection. Food, clothes, electronics and other things can be delivered to the door of your home. The mail order brides service works very similarly. Of course, this process isn't so fast but the principle is alike.

So what is a mail order bride definition? It's a kind of dating agency which gives you the permission to select a woman from their catalogue. These single ladies are called "mail order brides". When you choose an appropriate girl, you start communication via text messages, video calls, emails or other services. And this kind of service has some crucial differences from simple dating on the Internet:

  1. Dating online is a collective concept which includes dating apps or sites, online messengers, dating agencies and so on.
  2. What's a mail ordered bride without a matchmaker? A professional matchmaker always assists you while you're using this kind of service. First you start dating a girl online and when you're ready to meet personally your matchmaker "delivers" a potential spouse to your country.
  3. Mail order brides service more often than not concerns international dating. For instance, single ladies from Slavic countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova are the most popular and desired brides among foreign men.

How to Meet a Mail Order Bride?

Do you think that your significant other lives somewhere in another country? The best way to find her is to appeal to professionals. So how to mail order a bride? The process isn't so challenging as it seems.

First, you should choose a service with good reputation, true reviews and verified girls. The worst thing you can face are scammers who can clean out your wallet. So be careful and check thoroughly the agency you entrust your love affairs to.

The next step is to make a registration on the website of the chosen service and fill in your profile. Write your concise bio including your hobbies, interests, life attitude, education and so on. The facts from your bio will help you find a perfect match from the catalogue of girls. If you don't know how to mail order a bride, you may always ask a matchmaker for help.

When you've chosen a potential girlfriend, the most exciting period begins. You get to know each other, text messages, make video calls or even send virtual or real gifts. In a word, you start building real relationships. After you feel that a chosen girl is your significant other, you may ask your matchmaker to arrange for you personal date.

Cons and Pros of Mail Order Brides

By now you already know what's a mail ordered bride and how to meet her. This way of online dating is really efficient, but it also has its cons and pros. Let's talk about the most essential advantages first:

  1. Meet your perfect match according to your preferences and interests.
  2. Girls from any part of the world are at your disposal.
  3. You'll get a guaranteed result because a matchmaker assists you.

As for cons, they also exist, but they're not so significant:

  1. Be ready to have some misunderstandings with your potential wife. You're highly likely to have a foreign girlfriend, because the majority of mail order brides are Ukrainians, Russians, Moldavian or girls from Eastern European countries. That's why you should learn something about their culture, history and traditions in advance.
  2. Now you understand how to mail order a bride and you realize that the first steps of your relationship will be online. Thus, prepare to face long-distance relationships.
  3. Don't expect immediate results. You need some time to get to know your partner, to build relations of trust and so on. Mail order brides aren't for quick hook ups, but for serious relationships.


Online dating is diverse and it has different manifestations such as dating apps, sites, marriage agencies and, of course, mail order brides service. According to statistics, the last one is the most effective if you're looking for serious relationships and if you're interested in international dating.

We hope that after reading the article you realize what is a mail order bride definition and how to meet them. Thus, if you don't have time for private life, you want to find your perfect life partner or you dream about marriage with a foreign woman, you should definitely try mail order brides service. Just choose a proven agency and make a first step towards your happy life.