Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Why International Matchmaking Works Well In 2020


International couples don't impress anybody these days. It's a common situation when Western men decide to marry a foreign bride. The reasons for that are very different. But as a matchmaking agency with more than 13 year experience we can say with confidence that international matchmaking works, especially in 2020, in this awkward and challenging year.

While most traditional business sectors are suffering in 2020 because of pandemic and lockdowns, online business is strengthening its position. People are using online services even more often than it was before. And dating sites together with dating apps are no exception. All-round lockdowns aren't the only reason why matchmaking is so effective nowadays. The reasons are much deeper and our Ukrainianrealbrides' team has made their own research on this issue. Thus, if you have any hesitation concerning dating a foreign woman, read the article below and be sure that international matchmaking really works.

Dating Sites Make International Dating Possible

First, international matchmaking has no bounds. What does it mean? Thanks to modern technologies every person can find his/her perfect match in every single country on the Globe. Do you want to meet a Chinese woman/man? No problem! Did you decide to get to know a Slavic girlfriend/boyfriend from Ukraine? Sure thing! Even if you're dreaming of creating a family with someone from exotic countries like Thailand or Vietnam, it's very possible.

The thing is that most dating companies work online. That's why you can use a matchmaking service from every part of the World. The only thing you need is your smartphone or laptop connected to the Internet. There are a great number of dating platforms on the Web which make love affairs boundless and easy. So if you're a Western man who cannot find a significant other in his country, you should try international dating sites. Maybe your Mrs right lives somewhere in Ukraine.

Second, the Internet, as we mentioned above, erases the boundaries between different cultures. And it's absolutely normal to build international families nowadays. So, dating a foreign woman is a good chance to get acquainted with another culture. Moreover, the situation when Western man marries a foreign woman isn't perceived as something weird. People are more tolerant and understanding nowadays than years ago. That's why you don't need to worry about judgement from society or your close friends. By the way, you may always cite as an example different celebrity families in which men decided to marry a foreign woman.


Dating A Foreign Woman Gives You Opportunities To Travel Abroad

It follows from the above that international matchmaking service allows you to widen your horizons and travel abroad. Of course, building a relationship with a foreign partner in most cases starts from virtual communication. You use a dating service, find a partner which meets your interests and then start getting to know each other. If everything goes smoothly, your relationships will develop and transform to something more serious than just an online communication. Thus, sooner or later you'll make a decision to travel abroad to meet your significant other face to face.

An important thing is that traveling abroad to meet your foreign spouse is safe and secure. You may wonder why we're so confident about it. Do you remember any trip when you come to a country for the first time? It's a tough experience, because everything is new for you — language, currency, society, culture and so on. Some people even have a cultural shock while traveling abroad.

However, a matchmaking service allows you to feel comfortable and safe. Professional dating agencies can arrange everything for you including buying tickets, booking a hotel or whatever. Even if you want to make arrangements by yourself, you'll never get lost in a foreign city. When you come to a country where your beloved person lives, your favored one will be both your travel guide and lover.

The next stage after personal meetings with your foreign bride is marriage. Of course, we're talking about an ideal case when your relationship is strong, healthy and has a long-term basis. After you marry a foreign bride, you'll be confronted with a choice whether to live in your country or to move to hers. And here is one more benefit which you get from international matchmaking.

For example, you're an American man who has just married a Ukrainiain woman. You work as an IT specialist for the USA company. You can work both offline in the office of your company or you can do your job online in the remote mode. If you choose the second option, you may live with your wife in Ukraine getting an American salary. Of course, Ukrainian living standards are lower than American ones. As a result, you'll be wealthier and have more opportunities in Ukraine than in the USA.

The last but not the least benefit of dating a foreign woman gives us statistics. Divorce rate in couples between Western men and foreign women is much lower than in traditional couples. This means that international couples have stronger bonds and healthier relationships.

How Matchmaking Services Work?

We must have intrigued you with the outlook to marry a foreign woman. And you probably think how matchmaking services work and how to find that special girl from another country and not to be scammed. So it's high time to explain to you how matchmaking works in real life:

  • You need to choose a reliable dating platform which will be in charge of finding a perfect match for you. If you have serious intentions, we don't recommend using apps like Tinder, Bumble or others. These services are more suitable for short romantic flings than for building long-term relationships. The vast majority of matchmaking services are online, so read reviews of other customers and choose the right one. For example, if you're going to meet a Ukrainian beauty, you're warm welcomed to the
  • After you register on a chosen dating platform, you'll be advised to fill in your personal profile. It's a brief bio of yours where you put some important data about yourself, photos and so on. On most platforms it looks like a Facebook profile. You enter your hobbies, personal traits, interesting facts about yourself and so on. And it's very important to state the characteristics of a woman you're looking for.
  • Then you may decide whether to find your significant other by your own or ask for help from professional matchmakers. A qualified international matchmaking service has dozens of girls' profiles who're single and looking for their knight in shining armour. Good dating services always check ladies before they get the access to a platform in order to secure customers from being scammed. To boost the process of finding a perfect match you may ask matchmakers for assistance. Matchmakers are experienced staff of dating agencies who can choose a partner for you with necessary traits, appearance, mindset and so on.
  • When you have chosen a potential girlfriend, the most interesting stage starts. It's conversations, chats, video calls, exchanging gifts and so on. And if everything goes in the right way, you may decide to meet each other personally and to continue creating a relationship.

We hope that now you agree with us that international matchmaking service really works. The only thing you need is to choose the right dating platform which will help you in love affairs.