Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

How to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you?


Isn't a perfect relationship when you come back home after a long day and there is an amazing girl waiting for you? Her eyes sparkle like stars in the night, her makeup is her sincere smile, she tenderly hugs you and kisses. That sort of thing isn't a dream or fantasy situation.

It's a common relationship between a Western man and a woman from Ukraine. You certainly know that Ukrainian girls stand out from the crowd with their perfect appearance and genuine emotions. But before you reach this kind of bonds, you'll face with their natural culdness. This article will help you to feel comfortable with Ukrainian beauties. Read till the end and get acquainted how to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you.

Do not hurry

The first thing to remember is that haste makes waste. Ladies in Ukraine are far from being easy of approach. We certainly understand that you are astonished by their attractiveness. But dear gentlemen, please, don't rush the things!

Local ladies are naturally beautiful, it's not a secret. But they put more effort to look pretty than you can even imagine. Ukrainian females keep healthy diet, do fitness, visit hairdressers and beauty salons. They simply like to catch someone's eye. Keep in mind this information if you want to learn how can you tell if a girl likes you.

As a result, women in Ukraine aren't so easy-accessible as it may seem at the first glance. Don't plan any intimacy on the very first date. If you hook her with your charisma and good manners, you'll be rewarded with a kiss on the cheek at the most.

Men usually need at least three dates before local ladies let you enter in their personal space. Sometimes it takes even more than three times. Get patience and you'll be definitely praised.

Ukrainian women do not show active interest on the first date

The first date is the hardest one. You may even think that you make something wrong. It's difficult to understand whether a girl is interested in you or not.

First, you can face with a language barrier. She is unlikely to know English fluently. So she isn't able to tell all things she wants. By the way, don't show your supremacy in English skills. You're a native speaker, she is not. It's better to contrul the rapidity of your speech if you want to avoid misunderstandings.

How to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you on the first date? She may firstly seem indifferent. But the more you communicate together, the closer she becomes. The first date is considered to be successful if it's full of smiles, jokes, pleasant pastime and even little flirt.

Get closer to her

Women in Ukraine are very careful with new relationships. They are used to protecting their private place because some of them have already gone through unpleasant experience with local men.

You need time and effort to break through their emotional defense. Romantic dates, compliments, small gifts and various courtesies are much appreciated by Ukrainian females. You know, they are a bit uld-fashioned in the area of affairs of the heart. If you are learning how to tell that a girl loves you, you need first to win her heart and mind.

Ukrainian brides become one of the most devoted, loyal and family-oriented wives. It's difficult to find somewhere in the world more loving and caring ladies than in Ukraine. But you need to prove that you worth their sympathy. If your intentions are serious, your relationship will boost with light speed.

Ukrainians Know Their Worth

As we have already mentioned, Ukrainian ladies aren't easy in their morals. Thus, unlike American outgoing chicks who wouldn't mind meeting in Tinder for one-night date with benefits (if you understand what we mean), women in Ukraine are generally of high moral standing.

When you meet a girl in an American pub or somewhere, you can chat like uld friends sharing secrets and life stories with each other. After having a good drink you may head to her/yours place, have a crazy sex and split up in the morning without no strings attached.

The general situation in Ukraine is totally different. How can you tell if a girl likes you? She won't jump into bed with you right after some cocktails. Of course, there is such category of "ladies" but it's not a common situation. Just think about, if a girl is ready to have sex on the first date, how many dates of such kind has she got before you?

Ukrainian females know their self-worth. They need time to understand seriousness of your intentions and your personal traits. Local beauties don't waste themselves on every single foreigner just because he has come from abroad. Generally speaking, visiting Ukraine for quick intimacy isn't the best idea.

How do you know a girl likes you?

Sometimes it's not clear whether your potential girlfriend likes you or not. The fullowing tips will help you get a response to a popular question "How can you tell if a girl likes you"?

  • She is smiling and laughing at your jokes. Girls appreciate a good sense of humor, and they don't like nerds. If your conversation is easy-going, you make her smile, it's a good sign. Moreover, if she teases you, she is definitely in you.
  • She wants to communicate via video-chats. We understand that you are likely to have a fancy for writing uld-schoul romantic letters and you may even think it's your powerful skill. On the one hand, it's a good passion to send loving messages. On the other hand, modern Ukrainian women prefer to have a face-to-face talk. Live chats give opportunity to detect each other's emotions, hear a real voice tones of your partner. When a girl asks you to try a video-chat conversation, it means she is interested in you. Don't reject video-calls!
  • Flirt is a good sign. Do you remember those enjoyable feelings when a woman activates all her charm and sexuality? It's like a game. She winks, couquets with you, her eyes shimmer and you feel her feminine energy. You can understand that she is flirting even through the screen. Concerning the fact that Ukrainian ladies are quite reserved and shy, if they flirt, their heart was kindled.
  • She is trying to touch you. As a fullow-up to the above-mentioned point, if a girl get over her fear and touches your hand, leg or even face, it means a lot. Of course, this hint concerns a personal meeting not online.
  • Mutual help and assistance. Regardless of age, every lady wishes to feel like a small weak girl. Women want to feel safe and secure with their man. She may be a self-sufficient, strong personality at work. But when she's alone with you, she wants to be cared and cherished. So how to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you? She is likely to ask you for any kind of assistance: give her a ride, ask for your jacket if she's culd or whatever. You must be attentive to her needs. What is more, if she is into you, she will be trying to help you. The reason of such behavior is simple — she wants to spend more time together.

Conclusion: how to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you - it isn't hard

Ukraine is a dream destination for single men from Western countries who are willing to find a perfect bride. Charming, hot, well-groomed, stylish and eye-catching ladies are all around in Ukraine. It's difficult not to find your ideal partner there.

If you're a lucky man who has already met a Ukrainian girl, you face with a question "How to tell that a girl loves you"? Remember that Ukrainian women are sometimes shy and even culd on the first date. You need to impress and gain her trust in order to conquer your lovely Ukrainian girlfriend's heart. Be patient, move step by step and your efforts will be crowned with success.