Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

What do Ukrainian Women Want from American Men?


Happy couples between American men and Ukrainian women aren't a surprise nowadays. More and more single Americans prefer Slavic brides to their compatriots. This is very understandable, because ladies from Eastern Europe are considered to be the most family-oriented, naturally attractive and intelligent. But what do Ukrainian women want from American men? Why do girls from this country choose guys from the USA and not from Ukraine? All the answers you'll get after reading this article.

Romantic adventure

Which girl hasn't wanted to be a princess from a fairy-tale or a character from a romantic movie? Hollywood shows us a myriad of love stories where a poor and vulnerable girl finds her prince charming and they live happily ever after until death do their part. Inspired by such movies and soap operas, Ukrainian ladies start looking for their right person in Western countries or in the USA.

We cannot say that Ukrainian men aren't able to create a pampered and romantic life for their spouses. However, most brides in Ukraine, especially ladies in their 30s and more, believe that dating an American is extremely romantic. They're ready to plunge in a romantic adventure, leave everything at home and move abroad to face their destiny. So if you ask us what does a woman expect from a man, we'll assert with full conviction that one of the reasons is a desire to experience a romantic adventure.


Women and men have different nature. John Gray, a famous American relationship counselor and author, said that "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus". And he is totally right. The majority of females are unpredictable, emotional, flighty and moody. Women's decision-making is often based on emotional grounds. Men on the contrary are more practical, well minded and less emotional. Thus, communication between men and women isn't always smooth and understandable.

As a result, women are looking for a partner who is quick to understand her. Asking what things do Ukrainian women like in a man, we'll answer that it's understanding and ability to finish each other's sentences. Without understanding no couple can manage with disagreements and arguments. If we're talking about healthy relationships, both a man and a woman should be ready to settle for a compromise in disputable situations. However, exactly an understanding man is the greatest support for a woman.

Ukrainian girls want a good connection with a man (serious relationship)

Most American men choose Ukrainian women as brides because they have appealing appearance, sense of taste and natural beauty. But not all guys think about other features of the character of their Ukrainian bride. Ladies in Ukraine live in a culture, social conditions and environment which are distinct from American ones. And don't forget that you speak different languages and far not all Ukrainian females can boast of their fluent English.

That's why answering the question of what do Ukrainian women want from American men, we can assure that Ukrainian girls are looking for a good connection with a man to create a long-term relationship. So if you're really serious to marry a woman from Ukraine, you must think about common ground with your partner. It's really important to have a similar lifestyle, goals, hobbies and interests and general direction in life. That's why you shouldn't hesitate to discuss your future plans with your partner even during online dates.

Ukrainian women look for a trustworthy man

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning Ukrainian brides in Google is "What things do Ukrainian women like in a man?" Single men from different parts of the Globe willing to date a beauty from Ukraine are trying to solve the riddle of Ukrainian women's hearts. You may be surprised but the answer is quite simple. Through women's eyes one of the most important characteristics in men is trustability.

Trustability is an essential key to creating a successful and healthy relationship. Of course, Ukrainian ladies are self-sufficient, intelligent and well-educated. Most of them can stand up for themselves, earn a living and so on. But at the same time even a girl with the strongest character likes to feel as a feminine, gentle and vulnerable woman. Ukrainian females like to be beside a reliable, confident and trustworthy man. So if you're ready to lend your shoulder to your Ukrainian girlfriend in any difficult situation, be sure that her heart will be melted.

Ukrainian women value frank and honest men

Actually, this point is based on the previous idea. The second most popular response to a question "What things do Ukrainian women like in a man?" is honesty and frankness. Especially during your first dates online show a sincere interest in your girlfriend's personality, don't tell made-up stories about yourself and be as open as you can. Even if she asks you about your previous relationship, it's better to tell the truth. Believe us that Ukrainian ladies will do appreciate your openness and honesty.

What do women in Ukraine think? If you're a frank and honest man, she can trust you without any risk to be scammed or cheated. And trust, as you already know, is a foundation of long-term, healthy relationships. Thus, if you're looking for a potential bride for marriage, you should be honest with her from the very first steps of your love story.

In conclusion, we'd like to say that the chances of American men to win the heart of Ukrainian women are really high. Thanks to the Internet and some media, many people think that males in Ukraine cannot be gentlemen, they are greedy, drink a lot and so on. It's a big stereotype which has a small connection to reality. But what is important is that there are much more women than men in Ukraine. And as a result the competition for men's attention is really high. Thus, you as a foreigner who already knows what does a woman expect from a man have good chances to create a successful love story with a Ukrainian bride.