Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

How to Resolve a Conflict in a Relationship with a Ukrainian Woman?


Every couple has tough times and it’s absolutely natural. It may seem odd, but conflicts and misunderstandings are even useful now and then for building a healthy relationship. If there are no disputes between a man and a woman, it’s a high time to ring the alarm. The absence of misunderstandings is a sign of serious relationship problems. c Today we’re talking about dealing with disputes in couples.

How to Handle Conflicts in a Relationship?

Quite a lot Western men are dreaming about Ukrainian ladies. They’re globally known for natural beauty and attractiveness, family-orientation along with wonderful personality traits. But the inherent part of Ukrainian girls has a hot temper and genuine emotions. Thus, it’s difficult to say how much conflict is normal in a relationship, but we may state with confidence that conflicts are inevitable.

As it’s said, the only way to win an argument is to avoid it. We mean that you should discuss a problem with a partner rather than try to prove your point. Here are several tips which help you to minimize the impact of conflicts on your family relations:

  • Be honest with your girlfriend. The foundation of a long-term and happy relationship is trust. Even a white lie leads to negative consequences. Fall into a habit of being sincere with your Ukrainian spouse, and she’ll appreciate it.
  • Study to apologize and forgive. Don’t take apologizing as loss or failure. If you’re not right, admit it immediately and ask for pardon. You should respect the opinion of the others and don’t say, "You’re wrong!" The relationship is about finding a compromise rather than competing against each other.
  • Communication is vital. Ukrainian women are supportive and understanding. But they’re not able to divine your thoughts. Neither are you. The more you keep silent, the higher possibility that misunderstandings and disagreements appear. Try to listen to your partner and walk in her shoes. The main idea is mutual respect.

Following these three simple steps will ensure your couple from disputes. It’s impossible to know how much conflict is normal in a relationship because people are different. But the ability to deal with misunderstandings is essential both in romantic flings and in marriage.

How to Handle Conflict in a Romantic Relationship?

You have a long-expected relationship with Ukrainian beauty. In the beginning, everything was awesome. Your significant other seemed like the best woman across the Globe. You had a great time together, but then things went from bad to worse. If you have faced such a problem, you probably don’t understand how to resolve conflict in a romantic relationship. We’ve prepared a checklist which helps you to keep the fire of your relations burning even after disputes and disagreements:

  • Don’t conceal grievance and don’t ignore your partner. The good thing is women in Ukraine are honest, sincere, and open for conversation. At first sight, the cold war in silence seems better than direct confrontation. But this strategy doesn’t work in real life. The best way to reach out to your significant other is conversation.
  • Respect each other and think about what you’re saying to a partner. Disputes and conflicts awaken storm of different feelings. Don’t lose your head in emotions and choose words carefully. You may easily hurt a beloved person and make matters worse.
  • If you want to know how to resolve conflict in a romantic relationship effectively, listen to psychologists. They advise couples to abstain from accusations against partners during conflict resolution. Don’t criticize or condemn your girlfriend. It’s better to emphasize your feelings and consequences of the partner’s actions.
  • Focus on a present moment. It’s a bad idea to recall every drawback of your spouse while handling a current situation.
  • Take the first step to make up with resolving a dispute. You may offer a resolution to a conflict and prepare a compromise.

To sum up, conflicts in a relationship are natural and you shouldn’t be afraid of them. Just take them as an inevitable part of your life and use our strategies to minimize misunderstandings.