Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

10 ways how to take your relationship to the next level


It is a big misconception that just being in an official relationship is enough to live long and happy life with a significant other. Actually, starting building ties with a partner is only a beginning of a journey.

Relationship is like a plant which requires watering, care and sun. Otherwise, it loses its bloom. If you are not moving to the next level in a relationship, you'll be going in circles. Soon or late once-sincere relations will end.

What should you do to prevent this scenario? Ukraine matchmaking agency Ukrainian Real Brides have prepared some tips which protect your relationship from stagnation and help to move to the next level.

How to move a relationship to the next level without the pressure?

Affair of the heart is challenging and you always have to develop it. If you let things slide, the result is logical - break up. Life is active and so love does. It's unable to bear being in a rut. So you must repeatedly work on taking a relationship to the next level regardless of the step of your closeness:

  • Rose and candy stage - the most romantic and magic period when you idealize each other.
  • The phase of acceptance. The emotion tense defuses and you realize your soulmate isn't perfect. It's one of the most challenging period which not all couples manage to get over.
  • Living together - a rehearsal for marriage and creating a family. You have possibility to get to know each other in everyday living.
  • Marriage and children - a logical follow-up of previous steps.
  • Period of the empty nest. Most life is left behind. Children have grown up and left the family nest. The only thing to do is to enjoy spending retirement together.

To come full circle you must be going to the next level in a relationship step by step. The best time to start development is the very first stage of your relations.

How to take the relationship to the next level?

If life with your partner is stagnating, it's high time to take the following steps to become closer with your significant other:

1. Make Something that Only One of You Enjoys

The basis of a healthy and harmonious relationship is compromise. For example, you don't like melodramas but your girlfriend is crazy about them. Agree to compromise and watch such a soap movie with her. Be sure that she will much appreciate it and the feedback won't be long in coming.

2. Show Your Care and Support in Rough Times

It's easy to enjoy pastime when your life has no clouds. But in reality, this is not always the case. Sometimes life is unexpected. It's very important to support your soulmate even in bad times. It will be a right step towards taking a relationship to the next level. Let's discuss a simple situation - your beloved person is sick at home. Don't be selfish and take care about him/her. Make a cup of hot tea, buy some vitamins, stay at home together showing your empathy.

3. Get a New experience as a Couple

Spending quality time is essential in developing your relationship. Especially when you experience something new. You can try cooking class, doing fitness together or whatever. Activities which you do as a couple help to strengthen your ties.

4. Reveal a Secret to Each Other

Trust builds foundation for long-term relations. If you're honest with each other, nothing can be an obstacle for your success. So when you feel your potential husband/wife is a perfect match, you can reveal him/her your personal secret. It's a simple test to check whether he/she is a trustworthy person or not.

5. Discuss Your Joint Future Plans

If you have serious intentions, a strong will to be moving to the next level in a relationship is very natural. What can be better to emphasize your long-term plans than talking about the future?

Discussing future life plans where your significant other plays a key role can assure him/her that you'll be together long time after. But be careful at the rose and candy stage. Serious conversations can frighten away people who are scared of commitment.

6. Travel Together

You can spend a weekend away from bustling city. Going even on a short trip gives you opportunity to get to know each other better in joint life which is far from daily routine. One or two days spent together will help to appreciate all the benefits of being a couple.

7. Express Your Feelings

After you have overcome the challenges of the phase of acceptance you take your partner as he/she is. And if you feel that your spouse is much more than just a comfortable lover, it's a high time to showcase the real feelings and emotions. Say the words of warmth and tenderness.

8. Get Acquainted with Friends

Our friends are like the second family. When you let the soulmate enter your social circle, it means you're taking him serious.

9. Get Acquainted with Each Other's Family

One of the most essential step in taking a relationship to the next level is meeting with each other's parents. It can be scary and challenging but if the relationship is really close, it's necessary to do this.

10.Make a proposal

No comments required. Do you feel you have met an ideal match? Don't hesitate to make a proposal and tell her about your genuine feelings!