Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Age Gap Between Ukrainian Women and Western Men


Love knows no age or bonds. Age gap relationships are hardly surprising nowadays. Happily married couples are pretty common among both ordinary people and celebrities. Look at Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. More than 20 years age interval doesn't prevent them from being a lovely family with two children.

Another popular Hollywood duo, Jay-Z and Beyonce, have a twelve years difference. Nevertheless, they've been already married for 12 years. They're raising three kids.

Many more examples can be quoted. So does the age really matter in love affairs? What is the ideal disparity between years? How to build perfect age gap relationships if you're a foreigner with the aim to meet a Ukrainian bride? Answers to these questions will be discussed in the article below. Let's start!

Age Difference in a Couple - Where to Find the Average?

It's a dead ender. And it can be difficult to figure out what is the normal disparity of years between spouses. Actually, there is no clear definition of the right disproportion in years when we're talking about relationships.

To sort out the situation with age difference let's look at statistics - Ukrainian women prefer to choose a man who is older from five to fifteen years. Dating with younger guys or even with peers is an uncommon situation for Ukrainian beauties. The women's explanation of choice about age gap relationship is quite simple. Females mature faster than members of the opposite sex.

An average Ukrainian lady in her mid 20s is a wise and evolved personality with a successful career. They are emotionally mature and intelligent. At this age women are ready to build a serious relationship and start a family.

Unlike ladies, 22-27 years males are fighting for their place in the sun at this age. They need to build a career to get on their feet. Moreover, most young males don't think about marriage or even serious relationships at their 20s. They revive this question only after 30. At the age of 20 guys prefer short romantic flings, parties and pleasant pastimes. However, immature gents can look more masculine externally than they actually are.

So, that is the explanation why an age gap relationship is more preferable for Ukrainian ladies, especially with foreigners. Ladies are attracted to experienced men who have stability and are ready to create a family. Unlike Slavic men, Western gents get better with age. An average American or European gentleman in his late 30s or 40s is a well-groomed, charismatic and fulfilled personality who lives an active lifestyle. He has enough energy to live a full-quality life with a young significant other from Ukraine.

What do Ukrainian ladies want? To feel like a woman, be protected, cared and loved. And they are ready to give their love and warm feelings in return. Thus, a five to fifteen years older Western man is a perfect partner for this purpose. That's why the age difference American men and Ukrainian women may have is almost invisible.

Age Disbalance in Relationships: Pros&Cons

Of course, everything in our life has advantages and disadvantages. Age gapped relationships are no exception. We won't mention the 20-25 years disproportion, because it's a very uncommon situation for Ukrainian society. Let's talk about real-life cases - range between 5 and 15 years.

We'd like to start with positive moments which couples can get from age gap relationships:

  • Ladies feel calm, safe and protected with older men. They can devote themselves to family, children and keeping a family hearth. Mature gentlemen are highly likely to have a successful career or business, they are experienced in every life issue. Such couples have a healthy relationship and look harmonious.
  • Mature gentlemen are prepared for a marriage. They have already got through parties, romantic love affairs or even serious relationships. In one word, everything they need now is to settle down with the right person.
  • We've mentioned already, that girls mature faster than boys. Thus, a 20-year woman is at the same stage of emotional development as a 30-year man. So here is the average age disproportion - 10 years. Thus, an age gap relationship is natural even in terms of physical and emotional growth.
  • We cannot miss the fact that gentlemen prefer young, eye-catching and naturally charming ladies. And where else but in Ukraine are the most beautiful women? Ukrainian ladies are equally attractive at their 20s, 30s and even 40s.
  • Sounds like a delightful prospect, isn't it? But there are some pitfalls you should take into account before diving into a relationship with a younger spouse. Here they are:
  • As usual there is no place for compromise in couples where a man is 10-15 years older. He feels self-confident, experienced and mature. As a woman you should be wise and patient.
  • Difference of interests. If you're fifteen and more years older than your spouse, you're a person from the past generation for her. You've read different books, listened to different music and so on. When your romantic period ends, you may face some communication problems.
  • If you have a big disparity of years, your couple may come against social misunderstanding and rejection. But these problems with large age gap relationships usually occur when you have twenty plus age disbalance.

What is a normal age gap in relationships between Ukrainian Women and Western Men?

Taking all the aforementioned into consideration, a perfect match for Ukrainian woman is a Western man who's 5-10 years older. In this case you both as a couple will hardly likely have problems in communication, difference of interests and lifestyle. This age range gives you the possibility to be in tune with each other even when you become older.

If you choose a lover fifteen plus years younger than you, be ready to solve problems with large age gap relationships. You should make more efforts to keep the flames of love burning. Find common hobbies and activities in order not to be bored with each other.

Finally, age is just a number. If you feel comfortable and happy with your significant other, it doesn't matter how many years she is younger.