Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Pros and Cons of Dating a Ukrainian Woman


In the realm of the question of what are the best countries to find a wife, Ukraine immediately comes to mind. Most Western European and American men are dreaming about dating a Ukrainian woman. So why are men so confident that girls from Ukraine are among the best choices for the role of loyal wife? We from Ukrainerealbrides decided to sift this question to the bottom and prepared for you pros and cons of having a relationship with a Ukrainian female.

A Short Brief about Ukrainian Ladies

Describing a Ukrainian woman is quite difficult because this nation is very diverse. First, Ukraine is one of the biggest states in Europe and it borders seven other countries. Second, Ukraine has a rich history full of different events. As a result, Ukrainian nation has absorbed the best traits from its neighbors. Here you may find blonds, brunettes, red-haired and other girls among local beauties. Ladies with gray, green, blue eyes are at your disposal here. In a word, if you have a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, you'll be surprised with their genuine beauty and attractiveness.

In addition to natural good-looking appearance, women in Ukraine have perfect personal traits, which ideal wives should have. Family-orientation, loyalty, dedication, respect to men are hardly a complete list. Let's not run ahead. Let's take it one step at a time.

The Pros of Dating a Ukrainian Woman

If you cannot find your favored one in your own country, you should try your luck in international dating. And the best place to find a perfect girlfriend is Ukraine, a motherland of the most gorgeous and desirable brides. Below you'll find the list of the most important benefits you get while dating a Ukrainian girl.

Girls from Ukraine are Attractive

This sounds like a well-known fact or fundamental truth. Men, who have ever traveled to Ukraine, must agree with the opinion that local ladies are beautiful from nature. Moreover, when we're talking about Ukrainian beauty it has a much broader definition than just appearance. It includes intelligence, bright mind, femininity and sexuality. While walking down the streets in this Slavic country, you'll notice that most ladies are smiling and radiating female energy.

Appearance Matters

In comparison to American or Western European women, who prefer comfort to fashion, Ukrainian females choose stylish and trendy clothes, make-up, high heels and jewelries on an everyday basis. So if you build serious relationships with a girl from Ukraine, be ready that your favored one will draw the attention of other men as well.

In a word, in addition to the natural beauty women in Ukraine make every effort to emphasize their best traits. They do fitness to keep fit, visit nails and hair salons to be well-groomed, buy trendy clothes and so on. They just want to be complimented and loved by their men.

Ukrainian Girls Like Foreign Guys

Some may wonder why Ukrainian women choose foreign guys rather than local ones. There are several reasons for that. First, statistics says that there are more single ladies in Ukraine than men. You can check this fact even while using different Ukrainian dating sites. A bunch of local females are trying to find their destiny online.

Second, men in Ukraine are far from being a prince from a fairy-tale. Some of them aren't romantic while others aren't ready to build serious relationships. Most Western men are in the contrary like real gentlemen with good manners and royal behavior.

Third, marriage with a foreigner is a good chance for a Ukrainian girl to move abroad and to improve her life situation. Level of life in Ukraine is lower than in most European countries, not to mention the USA or Canada.


Would you like to have a family with healthy relationships, loyal and dedicated wife? If so, you should definitely think about marrying a Ukrainian woman. Local ladies are raised according to traditional family values such as trust, love and mutual respect. If you manage to win love of Ukrainian women , you'll be amply rewarded with their loyalty.

Females in Ukraine know their worth. That's why if they choose you for the role of boyfriend and maybe future husband, they won't disperse their attention to other men. The foundation of traditional Ukrainian families is mutual trust.

Family-oriented Mindsets

Actually, we should have put this part at the very beginning of our advantages list. Most men, who want to create a family, are looking for Ukrainian women for this reason. Local females are world-known as family-oriented and caring wives and mothers. Even a successful career doesn't prevent them from being good housewives, who can keep the house neat and tidy.

The Сons of Dating a Ukrainian Woman

Of course, it's not all rosy and it would be unfair from our side to omit some cons which you may face while dating a Ukrainian beauty. We cannot name these cons as serious disadvantages. These are some peculiarities which you should take into consideration. Find them below.

They Pay Too Much Attention to Their Looks

Everything has its price. And the price of eye-catching appearance of Ukrainian beauties is the time and money they spend to look stunning. While dating a Ukrainian woman, you'll understand what we mean. Sometimes it takes at least half an hour for your girlfriend just to get ready for shopping. She needs to make-up, choose appropriate clothes and so on. Of course, it's good that she looks attractive. But in some cases it's annoying.

They are Too Emotional

If you're looking for a calm, unemotional and vulnerable woman, Ukrainian females are not your choice. When you have misunderstandings or quarrels with your significant other, they may end with drama. Women in Ukraine are emotional and have fiery tempers. Of course, ladies are different and every woman shows her emotions with different intensity. But be sure that dating a Ukrainian girl is bright in all senses.

Cultural Barrier

Every nationality has its own traditions and cultural patterns. So it doesn't matter from which country you are, you will face the cultural and sometimes language barrier sooner or later. The good thing is that cultural differences you'll most likely feel at the first stages of relationships. The longer and serious relationships you have, the less impact of cultural difference you feel.

Relationship will Develop Slowly

The hardest period in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman is a rose and candy stage. Ladies in Ukraine like foreign guys, but they are very careful with them. Only after they assure themselves of the seriousness of your intentions, they will behave more relaxed and open-minded. So you need time to win the heart of a Ukrainian beauty and to persuade her that she can trust you.

Relationships at a Distance are Challenging

Thanks to free online dating sites you can easily find a bride from any part of the World. But the flip side of this boundlessness is the difficulties you face during long-distance relationships. Add to this cultural and language barrier and dating a Ukrainian girl can transform into a real challenge. So you both need to be patient and go through this.


As you see, women in Ukraine are special in all cases and building relationships with them has both pros and cons. But if you're a man who has serious plans for the future with a Ukrainian girl, you may be sure that your reward is worth your efforts.