Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

What is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls?


Ladies most in demand within Western and American single men are Eastern European. Specifically, the highest popularity has female representatives from Slavic countries, especially Ukraine and Russia. Local females are regarded as the most attractive ladies who become perfect wives. But have you ever wondered what is the difference between Ukrainian and Russian girl? You think they possess identical character, appearance and mindset, don't you? If the answer is yes, read our report to discover the main contrasts between these two Slavic females.

1. Languages

The former USSR consisted of 15 republics, including Ukraine and Russia. Hence, some people still don't notice any deviations between them. But it's a big misconception. We need to understand that they're both sovereign and independent states nowadays with their own national language.

Notwithstanding the grammar rules together with structure of sentences is similar, these two tongues are poles apart. Ukrainian is regarded as more melodic and soft with its own peculiarities. But remember that the Russians are highly unlikely to speak Ukrainian. However, at the same time the Ukrainians usually speak both languages.

2. Mindset

Is there any difference in the mindset of girls in two countries? We can safely say that yes, there it is. And here is the explanation:

  1. When we look at the world map, we see that Ukraine has borders with European countries in the West. And governmental policy in Ukraine is also oriented towards Western world. That is the explanation why female Ukrainians are more freedom-loving and open-minded. They do appreciate European lifestyle.
  2. Female Russians are more conservative to local traditions and habits. So we can say that they're even a little old-fashioned. Between career and household chores they're more likely to choose the latter one. It's a general observation indeed, and we should remember that all people differ.

3. Personality towards Relationship

Both nationalities are a great choice for Western men, who dream about a family-oriented, loyal, loving and caring girl. Females in these Slavic countries are regarded as the best wives. But is there any difference between Russian and Ukrainian girl?

At first glance they have many things in common when we talk about relationships. But if we look deeper, we may notice the following things:

  • Ladies from Ukraine like to feel independent. The majority is self-sufficient and play an equal role in the relationship as their male partner.
  • Russian girls are more patient, and they often act as a men's shade in the relationship, not as an equal partner.

Of course, you should understand that the above mentioned opinion is very general, because all people differ from each other. So it's just our observation.

4. Character

Who has better character — Ukrainian vs Russian  women? We cannot give an exact answer, because they both have strengths and weaknesses. For example, most ladies in Russia are often compared to winter. People say that they are hard tempered and have cold nature. There is even a proverb in Russian culture which says that their local girl can easily stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house.

Women in Ukraine on the contrary to Russians are said to be warm like spring or even sometimes hot like summer. They're emotional, feminine, friendly and very positive. They aren't afraid to show their emotions and feelings.

5. Appearance

The difference between Russian and Ukrainian women in appearance is quite blurred. The reason is that these two countries have a great deal in common. They both are the parts of the former USSR. Thus, their blood was blended with each other.

You may hear more often that Ukrainian girls have little tanned olive skin and dark hair. And Russian females at the same time have fair skin and hair. Actually, it's a very general observation. The only thing you should remember that both female representatives of these two wonderful nations are typical beauties with Slavic appearance. They always keep fit and pay much attention to their general look.