Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

The best Ukrainian women characteristics


The fact that Ukrainian women possess amazing appearance along with the best female traits is an axiom. Most Western men are eager to meet an attractive bride from this wonderful Eastern-European country and start a family. If you're among this category of males, this article is a must-read for you. We're going to explain everything you need to know before building a relationship with a lady from Ukraine: Ukrainian girls' characteristics, general appearance and personal traits. Make a cup of coffee and dive into the theme.

Ukrainian Women Characteristics

Every single girl is different with her personal features of character, temper and values. However, talking about ladies in Ukraine we need to admit that most of them are really emotional. Sometimes they are stubborn and disobedient, sometimes quite the opposite they are loyal and devoted. And, historically, they are freedom-loving and self-sufficient.

As a result, if you manage to kindle her heart, you'll be rewarded with the best Ukrainian girls' characteristics: tenderness, care and love, respectful attitude and genuine devotion. Ukrainian woman is a passionate lover, caring mother of your children and loving wife in one person.

How does the typical Ukrainian woman look like?

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe with rich historical and cultural background. Local people co-opt physical features of various nationalities: the Hungarians, the Romanians, the Polish and others. Thus, it's difficult to explain how Ukrainian look like in general.

The common trait of all females in Ukraine is their natural beauty, magnetic charm and femininity. They possess something magic in their appearance what makes Western men lose their head, listen to their heart and follow the impulse of passion. There are both beautiful brunettes with shining green eyes and tender blue-eyed blond cuties in this wonderful country. In addition to natural attractiveness, local beauties make every effort to emphasize the most catchy traits of appearance. They do regular fitness, control their diet and visit cosmetologists. In a word, females in Ukraine do everything to be desired by men.

Typical features of Ukrainian women

As we've mentioned above, Ukrainian ladies are very different. The definition of beauty is pretty personal. One is fond of skinny fitness babes, blue eyes and long fair hair, another like curvy ladies with ample bosom, dark hair and almond-shaped flirty eyes. Tastes differ.

To make it easier to understand how Ukrainian look like you can check the profiles of single women on You'll ensure in one thing: the female part of this nation shines feminine energy and beauty. In Ukraine you can easily find a girlfriend to the most sophisticated taste.

Traits of Ukrainian ladies

Physical attractiveness of your female companion is certainly important but if we're talking about building a serious relationship or even a family, the inner traits are more crucial. Sooner or later you'll want to settle down, have a couple of children and get a tasty homemade hot dishes for lunch rather than just hot sex. So here you are Ukrainian personality traits which are a great bonus to natural allure of women in Ukraine.

Kind and polite

From the very childhood local girls have been taught to respect and help elderly people, assist their brothers and sisters, be generous towards others. Thus, young ladies are very polite and possess high moral standards. They are very devoted to their family, kids and husband of course.


The education level in Ukraine is extremely high. Women on an equal basis with men are eager to pursue higher education and build a successful career. These fragile creatures are very determined and self-motivated. They perfectly know what they want in life and how to get it.

Great housewives

It's probably one of the most desirable Ukrainian personality traits for Western men. The purposeful character doesn't prevent Ukrainian females from doing household chores. Moreover, cooking skills of local housewives are legendary. It's an inexplicable ability to combine work with keeping family nest neat and tidy.


In addition to higher education, females in Ukraine are erudite, well-read and entirely educated. They can keep the ball rolling on different topics.

Friendly personality

Do you dream about a reliable friend, caring mother for kids, passionate hot lover and loyal wife? If you want to have all these in one person, you should immediately meet a Ukrainian girl. A more friendly personality is unlikely to be found.

Personality of women of Ukraine

Time to debrief: we've already revealed enough information connected with Ukrainian personality traits and physical appearance. Ukraine is an unending source of pure female beauty, tender and love. They definitely worth your attention. If you want a family with tight bonds, welcome to Ukraine - the capital of the best brides on the planet.