Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

How to Find Professional Matchmaking Services


Searching for the right person, who will become your reliable life partner, isn't as easy as it looks. If you're reading this article, we may assume that you're still single. Maybe you had unsuccessful experience with previous relationships or you're too shy or busy to meet girls traditionally. In any event, there's always a way and you always can ask professionals for help. Yes, even in love affairs there's a place for efficient services that help single people to find their destiny. This article is devoted to matchmaking agencies. How to find a professional matchmaker? Get the answer after reading!

Can Matchmaking Services Be Cheap?

As it is said, free advice is seldom cheap. This phrase is relevant to everything in our life including matchmaking and dating. If you want to get a result, don't kid yourself with free or ridiculously cheap dating agencies or websites. There's no wonder why some clients don't believe that online matchmaking works. They appeal to free of charge agencies, willing to meet high-quality girls there. And just imagine their disappointment when they find mildly speaking inappropriate ladies there.

As a professional dating agency, we want to warn you. The best matchmaking services cannot be free of charge or even cheap. Everything in our life has its price. And it would be foolish to expect high-quality and efficient service from chargeless agencies.

Searching for the significant other takes great efforts, time, and professional skills of your matchmaker who are expert and experienced psychologists in one person. He/she needs time to understand your tastes, personal traits, habits, and so on in order to choose for you a perfect match. Let's face it, this is a tough task to find the right person by yourself, and just imagine how it would be difficult for a third person represented by your matchmaker. That's why the best matchmaking services are always a little pricey.

Are the Best Dating Services Progressing in Dating?

Is matchmaking an effective way to find a potential wife? Is this worth time and money? These are the questions which are highly likely every client of a dating agency asks himself before using the service. Of course, there is always a share of distrust, especially if you have already experienced scammers or frauds in this field. But what we should say is when you choose only the best matchmaking services, you'll get a result.

We live in an extremely busy world, where we feel a lack of time for ourselves and our private life. Most men in Western countries don't have enough time to build relationships and create a family, because they need to make a career first. And when it's time to think about marriage and family, they're already 30 or something years old. In this case, a professional matchmaking service is one of the easiest ways to fix up their love life.

Another case when modern men start thinking about how to find a matchmaker is when people are too shy to approach women in traditional ways. For some guys, it's a serious challenge to chat up a girl in a bar, street, or somewhere else. And again, here are professional matchmakers who are ready to do all the job for you. In a word, there are many situations when people use the service of matchmaking because it works.

Trust in Matchmaking Services

We've mentioned already about cheap or free of charge dating platforms. People who have used them at least once usually are very suspicious about all matchmaking and dating services. And it makes sense. If you're a lucky man who hasn't been disappointed with such kind of chargeless sites, you should imagine the situation.

You find a girl online, she has a very attractive profile with beautiful hot pictures. You start communication and everything goes smoothly until you ask her to send real photos. It appears that the girl looks different. In the worst case you send her presents or money, and then she disappears. This is the scenario of many cheap or free of charge services.

So how to find a professional matchmaker and not be scammed? If you manage to find a dating agency with a good reputation and positive clients reviews, you'll be protected from scammers and won't face any difficulties. Reliable and proven matchmakers interview all the ladies before they start working together. Only women who pass the interview have access to dating platforms.

How to Check a Matchmaking Service?

Everything in our life requires a comprehensive approach and matchmaking isn't an exception. If you don't want to be scammed, you should check thoroughly a service you choose before you start cooperating with them. So how to find a matchmaker and check it? These two simple steps will help you find the most appropriate one:

  1. Check the reviews of other customers, because they can say a lot about the quality of service you choose. But beware of agencies only with positive comments, because they can be bought and false. Little criticism in comments is normal.
  2. Make an online or offline appointment with your potential matchmaker. If you choose an online service, you can arrange a video call. And if it's a traditional dating agency, you may schedule a visit to their office. In any event, you need to meet with the matchmaker face to face and assure you feel comfortable with her/him.

What does Questions a Matchmaker Ask Before Looking for the Perfect Partner?

If you have a firm intention to employ the best matchmaking services, you should be ready for the interview. Actually, it seems like a job interview where you're asked questions about your expectations, the result you want to achieve, and so on. Here are the shortlist of the most popular questions you may be asked by a matchmaker before cooperation:

  1. Why did you decide to find a girlfriend via matchmaking service?
  2. What is a healthy relationship in your opinion?
  3. What traits do you value the most in people?
  4. Tell something about your previous relationships. Why did they break in your opinion?
  5. Describe a girlfriend of your dream.
  6. Do you mind traveling abroad to meet your girlfriend face to face?

It's not all but just a few questions you may be asked during your interview with a matchmaker. Everything depends on the situation and your personal goals.

Interview with the Matchmaker Service

How to find a professional matchmaker without an interview? It's just not possible! If you want to find a potential girlfriend or even a future wife, we from Ukrainianrealbrides strongly recommend you not to ignore an interview with your matchmaker.

First of all, an interview with the matchmaker service is intended for the identification of your needs. If we're talking about responsible agencies, which can guarantee the outcome, they must ask the clients about their preferences and goals. This kind of procedure will help the matchmakers to choose the most appropriate match for the client.

Secondly, a simple interview with a matchmaking service will help you to understand whether this agency is reliable or not. You'll find below the questions which you may ask the agency in order to check them.

What Questions Can You Check the Matchmaking Service?

Before you start cooperating with a matchmaking service, we advise you to check it for reliability and efficiency. How to find a professional matchmaker? Just ask them the following questions:

  1. What is their average rate of successful matches?
  2. Do I have the possibility to impact the choice of potential girlfriends? Or should I rely only on the matchmaker's choice?
  3. How many ladies do you have in your database?
  4. Are we engaged on contract?
  5. Would you be so kind to explain to me the full procedure from the beginning till the end?
  6. What are your responsibilities if you don't manage to find an appropriate match?

This is far from a full list of questions to the matchmaking service. You may complete it with your ideas.

Online dating VS Professional Matchmaking Services


Online Dating


You're held responsible for the result of dating.

You work together with a matchmaker, thus the result depends both on you and the agency.

The risk of being scammed is extremely high because a lot of ladies profiles aren't verified.

All girls are interviewed before they get access to the matchmaking service.

Different online dating platforms are depending on price from cheap to expensive.

Professional matchmaking services are always high-priced.

You have no guarantees that you find a potential girlfriend.

You have no guarantee that you'll get married after the process.

What is Professional Matchmaking Service?

When you decide to apply to the best matchmaking services be ready the following process:

  1. A bipartite interview. A matchmaker will check whether your intentions are serious and long-termed or not. You, for your part, may check the reliability of service.
  2. You should provide a lot of personal information about yourself to help matchmakers to choose the most appropriate match for you.
  3. Get ready to travel, because your potential brides can be from other countries.

To sum up our article, remember that matchmaking services aren't magic pills in love affairs. You may face some trouble causes from matchmaking service because of:

  1. Inflated expectations. For example, you want to find a girlfriend 30+ years younger.
  2. The database doesn't have potential girls which may meet your expectations.
  3. You want a short-term romantic fling but not a serious relationship.

If you still have any questions about the matchmaking service, don't hesitate to contact Ukrainianrealbrides. We know how to find the best match for you.