Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

What do Ukrainian Women Like to Talk About?


The statistics of many wedding and dating agencies shows that the most desirable brides are ladies from Ukraine. In general, they're feminine, family-oriented and naturally beautiful. We can talk for days about the benefits of Ukrainian females, but if you're reading this, you must have decided to date a girl from Ukraine. And the purpose of this article is to tell you what to talk to girls about online. If you don't know how to start and keep a conversation, the chances for a successful relationship will be very slim.

TOP-6 Best Topics for Conversation with a Ukrainian Woman

Of course, the easiest way for Western men to find a Ukrainian girlfriend is to use online dating platforms. And on the surface it seems that it's a very simple process to approach a lady online. However, to win a heart of Ukrainian beauty you must be confident enough and know how to talk to a lady for the first time. We've prepared the top-list of essential topics for conversation with women from Ukraine. So be ready to make notes, because these topics will help to win women's trust and attention.

Discuss her interests

If you want to build a relationship no matter in business or in private life, you should show genuine interest towards your companion. This axiom was developed many years ago. Even famous American writer and self-improvement coach Dale Carnegie postulated this principle in his well-known book "How to make Friends and Influence People".

Before starting a conversation with a girl online, try to get as many facts from her profile as you can. Every detail is essential. Pay attention to her hobbies and interests, career and education, native city and so on. Published pictures of your potential girlfriend may also give you a lot of information. And when it goes to a conversation, you may emphasize exactly these topics. Be sure, your partner will share all the details about herself with great pleasure, if you really show sincere interest in her personality.

Tell her about your travel experiences

The most awkward moment in a conversation with a girl is uneasy silence when you don't know what to say. Ukrainian ladies as most women expect that you as a man will be a leader at the date or in online communication. Thus, you must have some tricks up in your sleeve. So if you don't know what to talk to girls about online, choose the topic about tourism. Most ladies from Ukraine are fond of traveling, but far from everyone has visited foreign countries.

You may share some facts about your motherland, culture and traditions. If you've been abroad, you may tell her about your adventures and so on. If your spouse has also traveled to other countries, you can discuss each other's experience or even to plan a small trip together. Traveling is a pleasant and unobtrusive topic to keep a dialogue and get to know your partner.

Ask about her family

Family is one of the biggest values for Ukrainian women. They do much esteem for their parents and close relatives. Thus, if you want to show the seriousness of your intentions, you can speak about this issue. Starting a conversation with a girl online about family, you may ask her about her place of birth and parents, whether she has sisters and brothers or not and so on. We bet that discussing this topic will help to win her favor and to make a good impression about yourself.

What is more, conversations about family give you a perspective about circumstances she grew up in. You can share the information about your family in turn. Such kind of dialogues allow you to get to know each other and imagine what kind of relationships you may have in the future.

Share memories

Don't know what to talk to girls about online? Share memories and small secrets with her. Our memories are a very intimate part of our life. This topic is appropriate for couples who are close enough. If you're chatting with a potential girlfriend not for the first time and you feel some chemistry between you both, you may share the memories, for example, about your childhood, tell her some private and intimate stories and so on.

We cannot say that sharing memories is a separate subject for discussion. You should recall some stories while speaking about other issues. This openness will help to create a trust-build relationship in your couple and make you both closer with each other.

Talk about culture

If you're looking for a Ukrainian girlfriend and you have no clue how to open a conversation with a girl online, you always can talk about culture. If you're a single man from the USA or Western Europe, you definitely have some differences in traditions and culture. Moreover, Ukrainians are very proud of their country. That's why this topic is good to show your partner your sincere interest and a strong will to know her better.

What exactly you may discuss? Here is the shortlist of subjects:

  1. Holidays and how do Ukrainians celebrate them.
  2. Traditions and customs.
  3. Books. Ask your girlfriend about her favorite Ukrainian author or book.
  4. Music. What kind of Ukrainian music does she love? Advise her to listen to some playlists together.
  5. Stereotypes. Every nation has stereotypes about itself. Let your spouse bust some myths about Ukraine.

If you want to impress your Ukrainian girlfriend, you may learn several phrases in her language. And during the next conversation greet her, for example, with traditional "Dobroho ranku, yak spravy", which means "Good morning, how are you?"

Specify your plans for future

After starting conversation with a girl online, you should understand whether you have serious plans about further communication or not. If you like a girl, her appearance and intellect, you have pleasant and interesting conversations, you can move further in your relationship. You can discuss your future plans, intentions, ways how and when you can meet offline and so on. This topic is quite serious, so don't rush the things. Think carefully and look closer at your potential girlfriend before you specify your plans for the future.