Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

How to Win a Ukrainian Women's Heart?


If you have ever searched for a foreign girlfriend or just traveled the world, you must have heard a widespread opinion that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful on the planet. And if you have visited Ukraine, any hesitations of yours were immediately crushed by an astonishing number of attractive ladies around. But do not think their beauty is the only asset that Ukrainian women have since their arsenal of positive traits is really wide. They make great wives and mothers, being very caring and attentive, and if they truly love you, they would follow you to the end of the world.

This, however, raises a serious question. How to make a Ukrainian girl fall in love with you, a foreigner, and how to break the ice between the two of you? Do not let the issues of cultural difference or a language barrier prevent you from searching for love since these two are easy to overcome. Ukrainian women are open to new experiences, especially pleasant ones, such as dating a foreigner. If you are an American, and she has never visited your country (or possibly even your continent), it would be an awesome journey for both you and her. If she is an experienced traveler, she would not miss a possibility to further deepen her knowledge of other countries' cultures (with your assistance, of course!)

Many native English speakers are afraid of language barriers, which, however, it totally not that scary. First, English is an obligatory subject in most of Ukrainian schools, so many people know it from early childhood. Even if she is not fluent in your language, it won't be much of a problem. Secondly, we are lucky to live in the technological age, with smartphones in our pockets providing real-time translation from and to any language on Earth. Don't let communication issues prevent you from finding the love of your life!

The language and culture, however, are the easy part of the task. A truly hard question arises now - how to win a Ukrainian women's heart? Don't worry, we will get to that point in the article below! What you need to know right now is that Ukrainian women would not tolerate lazy, uncaring men near them. If they are willing to share all their energy with you, they would expect their loved ones to do the same. Remember that no girl would accept a man who changes partners like socks, so make sure to be faithful to her. So, what are the ways to break the ice and ensure a successful date?

First and foremost, make sure that you know her interests before picking a place to meet. Assuming that you will have an online conversation before meeting in real life, you can inconspicuously ask her about her hobbies/favorite places to visit. Based on her response, you will have a list of facilities to choose from for your first date. However, if you did not ask or she did not provide a specific response, there are still some great places to visit:

  • All-time classics, such as a restaurant, a walk in a park, a movie, etc.
  • If she is an adventurous type, you can try out some variants that provide more activity, for instance, a bicycle ride across the town.
  • If she is more of an intellectual, a museum, theater, and art gallery are your choices.
  • Finally, if she is into going out and partying, there are different bars, clubs, and concerts at your disposal.

How to attract Ukrainian women?

Let's assume that you have set up the time and place to meet her, but how should you behave during the first date? There are, undoubtedly, some strategies you can apply prior to the date. These pleasant little things will help you melt the ice and become closer with a lady:

  • Prepare some questions about her. To successfully meet Ukrainian ladies, you have to be truly interested in them, since this is what they expect. Make sure to keep the conversation going by constantly asking her about her personality, hobbies, work life, etc. However, avoid crossing the line of overly personal things, like family or health, since discussing them is not really appropriate for the first date. Let her know that you are a good listener, and she would not hesitate to become much closer to you.
  • Provide a brief introduction of yourself. Many men tend to overlook the importance of presenting themselves to a girl. You would need to find a balance between letting her speak and providing some facts about yourself. Do not worry to look selfish while telling about your life, since she is interested in you as well as you are in her. Curiosity is a great trait, especially when a man knows how to utilize it properly!
  • Make sure to check out her resume before the date. If you have found the lady through a dating site, spend some time reading her profile. This can give you valuable insight into her preferences, life goals, hobbies, etc. In addition, she would be glad to hear that you are a caring man and remember small facts about her, such as her birthday. This seemingly simple suggestion often becomes an impassable obstacle for men, so be very careful with dates!
  • Bring a small present (e.g. flowers, chocolates, etc.). In Ukraine, there is a tradition instructing men to present gifts to women on the first date. Though this is not obligatory, such a gesture would tell her that you know about her cultural background and do care about traditions - a trait highly valued by Ukrainian ladies. Your gift should not be something expensive, however, since this might imply that you are buying her love for money. What is more valuable here is not the present itself, but the attention and care you are showing to the woman.

10 Tips to win the heart of Ukrainian ladies

Choose ladies to date in accordance with your hobbies/lifestyle/goals in life

First and foremost, you would need something to knit you together, something that allows both of you to feel an inner connection with each other. If your overall view of life is different, it may be rather difficult to keep your relationships with a Ukrainian lady together. And we are not speaking of cultural differences here, not at all. They can and should be managed effectively since both of you are grown up adults, ready for changes and willing to accept them for a healthy relationship.

What's more difficult to cope with is your own perception of what you are willing to achieve and the ways you are about to utilize. For instance, if you are really into building your career while she is all about traveling and partying, there is a relatively high chance that this romance is not going to work out for either of you. Therefore, to avoid falling in relationships that can never go well, it is highly recommended to carefully choose girls to date.

Don't hesitate to ask professionals for help!

If you are unsure which steps to take or feel that your relationships have somehow stopped progressing, there are always people willing to help you. What's more, they are professionals in their field, psychologists with years of experience in solving difficult cases. The company's couches will gladly assist you in handling all issues that may arise, so make sure to reach them if you need any help.

Many men tend to overlook this point, which, however, is a terrible mistake since asking and receiving assistance is always better than rushing into action without prior thinking. A professional will carefully check your case, provide their overview, and inform you how compatible you and your lady are. Remember that becoming a groom and bride is not an easy process, so seeking help in any stage of it is completely normal.

Choose some perfect place to meet her

We have already talked about the perfect place for a date, but little was said about how truly essential it is for the whole thing to go well. Remember that any woman values attention to her personality, so if she makes any kind of hints on which place is best for her, make sure to listen attentively. Don't be afraid of asking directly how she spends her spare time or what her hobbies are if you are completely clueless about where to take her for a date. This would be much better than spending useless 2 hours in a cafe that none of you enjoy.

Make sure to keep the budget under control since Ukrainian girls are used to men paying a bill. Splitting the expenses is rather uncommon in Ukraine, especially if you are meeting for the first time. So, you are expected to pay for her, say, in a restaurant or cinema. This, however, should not prevent you from organizing a perfect date for her since a reward will be amazing!

Be confident, yet never insolent

Ukrainian ladies appreciate a certain number of “manly“ traits in men, but don't try to show off and play a cool guy. Pretending to be someone different from whom you truly are is never going to be a successful strategy of winning a girl's heart. Being confident implies remaining patient in any situation, even if something is not going in accordance with your plan. Show her that money is not a foundation stone of your self-confidence, but rather your financial freedom is a result of proper actions to secure your capital.

Acting like a teenager trying to impress her with stories of your successful romantic adventures is also not a great way to talk with a lady. And do not reveal your insecurity or ask whether she likes you or not - first, that is totally not what a confident man would do, and second, you will probably easily notice if she does.

Make compliments

As an old Ukrainian proverb says, men love with their eyes, women love with their ears. And that's totally the case with Ukrainian ladies since they appreciate compliments and know how to define a truly genuine from a below-average one. Remember that a good compliment should be given in due time and with ease since it is born naturally from your feelings. A girl would appreciate compliments regarding areas into which she puts most efforts, be it her cooking skills, appearance, or clothes choice.

Make sure that what you are saying is not too vulgar, especially on the first date, since it won't be the best ice breaker. Clumsy compliments should also be avoided as they tend to underline how unconfident you are with a lady. Just try to find something you truly love about her and simply tell her how you feel - faithfulness is always the best compliment.

Don't speak about your previous relationships

Seriously, she doesn't want to know how many relationships you had and how cool (or not) they were. She would not appreciate being compared to other women either as this significantly affects self-esteem. Love is not a competition, and there is no place for comparing your Ukrainian girl to all the girlfriends you had. Every lady is proud of her unique traits that make up her personality, so comparing is a really bad way to start your first date.

Moreover, every single relationship you engage in would be different from your previous experiences, so some of your knowledge may be irrelevant when dating a Ukrainian lady. In order to win her love and become something closer than friends, you should concentrate on your current relationships and your plans for the future in a conversation. Dating a new woman while still constantly thinking about your ex makes matters only worse, so be sure to leave all negative things in the past and start a new life with your Ukrainian girl.

Use your sense of humor

Do not think that Ukrainian girls are cold creatures who can't understand your jokes. They can and would greatly appreciate a sharp sense of humor in their men.

Here, however, comes the language barrier, which may prevent her from completely grasping the sense of your jokes. But no need to worry! If you could pay for a couple of English lessons for her, it would greatly serve both of you. First, it is an opportunity to show your generosity, a trait highly valued by Ukrainian women. Second, this can help you eliminate the nasty language issue once and for all.

Laughing at her jokes would also be useful in establishing stronger connections. Avoid exaggerating your emotional response to her jokes, and she would feel that you have a truly developed sense of humor.

Never lie to her

Make sure to be open for conversation while avoiding certain topics (politics, previous relationships, personal health, intimate things.) The first impression you make is the most important one, so being labeled a liar is totally not what you are pursuing. Trust is an essential part of relationships with Ukrainian girls, and lying is never helpful for establishing successful connections with them, especially if you are planning a marriage. Forget about lying to your spouse at all since she would be totally honest with you and would expect honesty in return.

It is also suggested that you should avoid certain topics during a conversation since they are really awkward to discuss on a first date. Ex-girlfriends, sexual topics, political questions and illnesses are taboos for you as long as she does not mention one of those, implying that she is willing to speak about it.

Give her sufficient time to speak and don't interrupt her speech

Keep in mind that a real-life conversation is something totally different from mails that you used to send each other, so a different approach should be applied here as well. Women want to speak and be heard, so provide her with sufficient time to express her concerns. They want to be loved not only for their looks but also for their soul and character, so pay attention to what she is saying to you.

Sitting and waiting in silence is not what a Ukrainian girl would appreciate either. She expects that you understand her need to speak and express her point, implying that you would need to build mutual trust by providing each other adequate time to talk. Finally, remember that Ukrainian ladies hate being interrupted as this makes them feel unvalued.

Show your care and frankness

Though Ukrainian women value masculine traits, such as confidence, in their men, deep inside they want to be protected and cared about. Show her that you are not of that type who forgets her birthday, doesn't know/care how her parents are doing, and how she has spent her day at work.

She pays great attention to how you behave with kids/pets, so make sure to be the most caring men ever while dealing with them. Your attitude towards both your and her family members is also essential when dating a Ukrainian girl. Making a good impression during a family dinner can be as important as your career expectations since relatives are much more valued by Ukrainians than money. Small signs of attention, such as flowers or chocolates, presented to her for no reason would make this Ice Queen melt like ice cream.