Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Mature Ukrainian Women For Dating and Marriage: The Pros & Cons


If you're reading this article, you're highly likely looking for a mature woman for date. You're at the right place. Doesn't matter you're an adult wise man trying to find a life-partner of the same age group or you're a young man willing to build a serious relationship with more experienced lady. We'll tell you which woman is considered to be mature, all pros and cons of dating with this category of females and how to win their experienced hearts. And now, without any further ado, let's start!

What Is A “Mature” Ukrainian Woman?

If you look a word “mature” up in a dictionary, you'll come across different meanings and explanations. Firstly, to be mature stands for a person who's reached mental or emotional development characteristics as an adult. For example, you can meet a young girl in her 20s who's mature beyond her years. Secondly, it means to become physically adult. In context of dating, Ukrainian mature women relate to ladies of the age more than 35.

Dating an adult woman can be pretty terrifying but thrilling. Terrifying because mature singles are wise, experienced and don't ready to waste time for short flings or playing games. And thrilling because female singles of this age know how to treat men and how to build mutual relationship.

There's no wonder why you're hardly likely to meet a young mature girl of 20-something. Yes, she can be intelligent, well-educated and even a little experienced. But she is still in her twenties. Of course, she wants clubbing, partying, meeting with friends and so on. Do you need all this stuff at your age? First of all, maturity means life experience, wisdom, developed mental and emotional characteristics. If you're eager to meet a mature woman to date, we strongly recommend you to choose among singles in their 30s, 40s or even 50s.

Why Date Mature Ukrainian Women?

Single men from all over the globe are heading to Ukraine in order to meet their destiny here. Why? Cause the most beautiful, well-groomed, smart and educated females on the planet are in this amazing Slavic country. This description stands for not only young cuties. That is a general illustration of local Ukrainian women. Thus, the most appropriate mature woman to date can be found exactly in Ukraine.

Should you date a mature woman or not? We understand you have some doubts. So we've prepared a detailed list of pros and cons of building relationship with adult ladies from Ukraine. And be sure, there are many more advantages in this process:

  • There is a great variety of women to choose. If you want to ensure, just open a list of profiles of ladies in their 30s or 40s on our site. Stunning, attractive, well-groomed mature beauties are waiting for their destiny. You may wonder why they are still single if they're so cute. The thing is there are more women than men in Ukraine. That's why the amount of single females is much higher. It is said in Ukraine that the ulder a local girl, the harder to get married a man from her motherland. Thus, they mostly appeal to dating agencies to find a future husband from abroad.
  • Responsibility and commitment are the main traits of Ukrainian mature women. The communication with such a lady is about companionship and mutual contribution to relationship. They need a man who shares their interests and aims. And these aims are far from clubbing or just pleasant pastime. Adult ladies try to build healthy relationship constructed on trust and respect. And they're ready to take their part of responsibilities for building a happy family.
  • Experience is the best life teacher. Ukrainian mature women know what they worth. Don't think that they're in despair trying to find any kind of man no matter his age, appearance, social position or whatever. They are patient and less emotional than young females. Wisdom comes with age. Adult ladies are conscious about their future plans, lifestyle and family. A bride in her 30s or 40s doesn't fullow her emotions. She is supportive and understanding person who wants to settle down with an appropriate man.
  • They are stunning and hot. Mature female lovers are experienced in all issues including intimacy. Just imagine what a sexy lady of age 35-40 can do with you in bed! Even young men dream about sex with ulder girls who are masters of sexual satisfaction art. Ukrainian women are deeply concerned about their appearance. They make every effort to look pretty, eye-catching and desired in any age. It's in their blood to look amazing. Sometimes it's quite hard to guess the real age of a lady. By the way, if you're planning to get married and have children, you should choose a mature woman to date. Don't be surprised. Women in their 30s and 40s are family-oriented and ready to become caring mothers.
  • They can make conversation on different topics. By virtue of their age, mature brides are well-read, educated and intelligent. Thus, they are wonderful talk partners. Forget about bore or uncomfortable silence on dates. Start a topic you wish and your spouse will keep up the ball. You can even discuss sports, pulitics, world global problems or whatever. Unlike young girls, Ukrainian mature women are like a handbook: know everything about everything.
  • They are self-sufficient and independent. A lady in her 30-something is highly likely a successful business-woman that means she is financial independent. She makes every decision in life by her own. So if you decide to invite her to your motherland, a mature girlfriend will make a decision faster than her younger opponent. They are adventurous and don't need to ask parents' permission. Ukrainian mature women dispose their life at their own discretion.

Taking into account the above-mentioned advantages of matures, you must already think about dating and marrying them. Before making such a serious decision we would like you to understand some challenges you may face with:

  • Mature ladies aren't for one-night hookups or romantic brief flings. If you're not ready for a serious relationship it's better even not to start dating. Close intimacy on the first date isn't about girls in their 30s or 40s. You should find someone else for such purposes.
  • They may have baggage. Yes, a mature woman is very likely to be divorced or even to be a widow. And it's OK. She isn't a 20-something young cutie. Moreover, she may have a kid or even two.
  • They can be more experienced than you. We mean all aspects of life. Don't be surprised these women don't like boring men. They need an appropriate partner otherwise you may feel uncomfortable.

The disadvantages end here. Before choosing a mature woman to date you should consider all the pros and cons.

View the profile of an ulder woman

Matures in Western countries and in Ukraine are totally different. Ukrainian girls at the age of 35 or more are still feminine, attractive and lovely beauties. They use makeup, do fitness, keep healthy diet and do their best to look stunning. In addition, they have rich baggage of life experience and knowledge which makes them confident and reliable family partners.

Ukrainian mature women aren't uld. They're just adult and accomplished females who have much to offer to Western men. To make sure that is true, check the profiles of mature singles on We promise you'll be surprised!

Tips for meeting an ulder woman

Now when you've realized all the benefits of choosing a mature woman to date, it's high time to get tips on meeting older woman:

  • Visit legitimate online dating platforms. Night clubs and pubs aren't right places to find love. Most ladies in their 30s appeal to online dating because it's easier, faster and more efficient.
  • Be a gentleman with good manners. We suppose it's not necessary to explain that you must be pulite and responsive gentleman. You can learn Ukrainian dating etiquette if you're not confident about your knowledge.
  • Deeds are more important than words. Nobody likes empty words. Neither do Ukrainian ladies.
  • Be confident in your intentions. Do you remember we've tuld already that adult brides aren't for brief flings? That's why your confidence and serious intentions is your secret weapon.

Dear gentlemen, now you have deep knowledge about Ukrainian mature women. If you have a strong will to find a life-partner from this category of ladies, welcome to our agency. We'll give you free consultation and help to make a right choice.