Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Difference Between a Ukrainian woman and an American Woman


Ukrainian women are traditionally concerned as the most desirable wives for American men. And there are many reasons for that. In a word, females in Ukraine are beautiful, well-groomed, and family-oriented. What else do men need? But are they better than American women? In this article, we won't manifest that female Ukrainians are better than Americans. The aim of this report is to show national and cultural differences between ladies in the USA and Ukraine.

If you haven't lived in a country, it can be difficult to understand its traditions, culture and social habits. That's why our team from Ukrainianrealbrides has questioned our clients from the USA, made its research and monitoring to make a comparison between Ukrainian women and American women. It's a general idea because as you do understand even in one country people differ from each other.

1.The way of Expressing Emotions

Most Ukrainian girls are very shy in expressing their emotions. Especially when we're talking about the first steps of a relationship. For example, you're unlikely to meet smiling girls in the streets of any Ukrainian city. Most of them are serious and thoughtful. Only when she gets to know a man better, she will be ready to show her real emotions, smile, and be herself. Why?

Historically, women in Ukraine are taught from very childhood how to take care of themselves, how to be strong and independent. Statistics say that there are more women in Ukraine than men, that's why the weaker sex is obliged to rely on themselves, not on the rougher sex. Thus, a Ukrainian woman will be ready to open up to her men only when she is confident in the seriousness of his intentions.

Let's compare why Ukrainian women are less emotional than American ones. Walking down the streets of American cities, you'll notice that most local ladies are smiling and more positive. But as you find out then, this "American smile" isn't always sincere. It's just a part of their culture and it may seem that Americans are more emotional.

Of course, people in both countries are different and a lot depends on their social status, education, career, and other factors. SO take this tip as just a general observation.

2.Family Values

Women from Ukraine are very family-oriented and it's a well-known fact. Many male clients of our marriage agency aim to marry a Ukrainian girl. Why? If you want a caring mother for children, a loving and devoted wife for yourself, there is none finer choice than Ukrainian females.

From the first years of life ladies in Ukraine are taught to respect parents and other family members. This is the guiding spirit in Ukrainian families to be a respectful, helpful, and loyal person. As a result, when local women create their own families, they copy this format of relationship. Thus, the main priority and the highest value in the life of Ukrainian girls' is the family represented by husband and children.

However, don't think that Ukrainian ladies are kept women. They are intelligent and well-educated. They have a wonderful ability to combine career with home responsibilities.

In contrast with Ukrainian girls, American women are widely known as career-oriented persons. They devote a lot more time to their favorite job to get a promotion. We don't say it's bad. It's just a fact that family lies in the second place for women in the USA after their career. Maybe the explanation of this situation hides in very short parental leave. As a result, American females are obliged to come to work almost after a month after a child's birth.

3.Appearance and Lifestyle

One American blogger, who had lived in Ukraine for several months, has made an interesting conclusion about the attitude of Ukrainian women and American women to their appearance. Ladies in the USA prefer casual outfits for everyday usage. You're unlikely to meet a well-dressed girl wearing heels somewhere in a shopping center in the USA. And if you anyhow meet one, you can be sure she is from Slavic countries.

It's no surprise that Ukrainian ladies are considered to be the most appealing and gorgeous females in the world. They pay much attention to their appearance. Yoga classes, fitness, beauty salons are very popular among ladies of all ages. Moreover, Ukrainian beauties have an inherent fashion sense. They like to dress up and highlight their attractiveness with makeup. In a word, women from Ukraine make every effort to be eye-catching for the opposite sex.  

4.Attitude to Feminism

The feminist struggle is more longstanding and active in the USA than in Ukraine. American ladies get used to express displeasure with their social role, payments for labor, sexual harassment at place of work, and so on. And we should admit that they have achieved a lot in this field. Many American companies offer similar working conditions for men and women. And if we remember the #MeToo movement against sexual abuse, it has started in the USA and has successful results.

Talking about women from Ukraine, we may conclude that the majority of local girls are little reserved and shy persons. They can endure unequal payments for labor with men and they aren't always ready to occupy positions of top-managers in companies. Of course, it's a very general observation because we can remember a lot of successful businesswomen in Ukraine as well.

5.Behavior at the First Date

There is even a joke about women's attitude to men in the USA and in Ukraine. The first question an American woman asks a man is "What do you do?" At the same time a Ukrainian woman, who has met a foreigner in her country, asks him why he came to Ukraine.

Another example is about sex on the first date. As many men say, American women are ready to have sex with you after three hours from the beginning of your first date. To have sex with a Ukrainian girl you must have at least three dates and win her trust. Moreover, during the first intimacy, an American lady pretends that she is a porn star in bed, while a Ukrainian girl pretends that she is a virgin.

To sum up, we want to say that both in Ukraine and the USA women are different. And you shouldn't make wrong conclusions about either Americans or Ukrainians. We've shown you the general cultural differences and if you want to get to know better Ukrainian women or American women, you should visit their countries.