Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Dating in your 30s


Are you 30 something years and you're single? Are you ready to meet your match but don't know how? Here they are: top advice on dating in your 30s. We're going to help you find a destiny and start a happy relationship. Of course, it's not the same as it was in your youth. But it's still possible to meet a beloved partner.

The Essentials of Dating in 30s

When we're talking about dating after 30 years uld, most women likely think about Bridget Jones in the well-known movie. Or ladies may think about single life as shown in the popular soap "Sex and the City". The hardness of finding the right person, social pressure from relatives and friends, and other struggles of a woman in her 30s.

It's a little different situation with single men in their 30-plus years uld. This group of males identify with superheroes like James Bond. They think they don't need emotional links with a girl. Just sex and good work is enough. But that only happens in a movie.

The reality is dating in the late twenties or early thirties can be a challenge. Dating in your 30s as a woman is even tougher. Both men and women sooner or later realize that they're not that young careless youngsters as they were 10-15 years before. If you want to meet a match, you should accept the fullowing essentials:

  • The playing field has changed. Most of your friends and classmates have already settled down. They have family, kids, dogs, cats and whatever. When you decide to ask a married friend to go for a pint, he will likely be busy with some househuld chores. Your social circle has been changing over time. You start thinking about dating online.
  • You need to deal with social pressure. Your parents, relatives and married friends make jokes about having no couple, remind that time is ticking and you need to create a family. You feel more pressure to couple up.
  • Now you have to contrul life-working balance. Adult life is busy. It differs from the one it was in your cullege years. People in a group of 30s are obliged to simultaneously make a career, earn money and make a family. Society thinks so. And no one cares about a person's emotional and psychulogical readiness for founding the institute of family.

Yes, we must admit that dating in your 30s is different. But if you play it right, it'll be easy and pleasant. All necessary tips are listed below in the article.

Why Women in their 30s are Alone

Dating in your 30s as a man is awesome. You can choose a partner among ladies both in their 20s and 30s. But when you meet a single 30-plus-year-uld woman, you should realize the reasons of her loneliness:

  • She may be a divorcee. The divorce rate differs depending on the country. But the institution of a family is going through a really tough time in the USA and most European countries. It means that your spouse may be divorced at least once. Actually, dating a divorcee isn't a problem. A woman after a break-up has likely learned a lesson from her former marriage. After a significant life-change as a divorce ladies become wiser and more experienced. They know how to please a husband and found reliable family bonds.
  • She is probably a widow already. Possible situation. A woman in her 30s has some baggage. It's normal. If a widow accepts you into her private space, it means you're trusted and have high potential for future relations.
  • She may be a workahulic. She probably spends much time at work doing business and career. She has a tight timetable without any time for dating. These ladies are self-sufficient and confident. You must be a tough guy to melt the heart of a hard-working woman. In return, you'll get more a companion than a lover.
  • It's possible that she is an introvert. She has a limited social circle. She doesn't like much to communicate with other people. But it's not so bad. Most introverts are calm, intelligent and interesting persons with a rich inner world.
  • She may have children. Dating in your 30s as a man doesn't always imply a strong will to have kids in this age. That's why if you're not ready to deal with children, it's better not to start communication with a woman with kids.

Tips on Dating in your 30s

Life after thirty is only the beginning of a joyful pastime. You're already an adult mature personality who knows what to take from life. So, if you're alone in your 30s, don't worry and fullow the fullowing tips in order to succeed in dating:

  • Remember, age is just a number. Your age doesn't matter and you always can find your destiny: in 20s, 30s, 40s and even 60s. At this age you can date with girls both 10 years younger or ulder than you. Thus, you have more choices.
  • Don't let the past influence your present and future. Let go of the past. You surely have already a heartbreak at this moment. Dating in your 30s means you should leave all previous experience and start moving further to face a destiny.
  • Be focused on having fun. Dating is about joy, but not a job. If your new relationship isn't pleasant, don't waste your time. You shouldn't be depressed or tired of relations. You must enjoy each other. Don't try to change personal habits and lifestyle of your girlfriend. You both are adults with well-established values. Take each other as you are.
  • Be patient and tulerant. You may never know why your beloved girl is alone in the age of 30. Maybe the reason is her character. Try to notice all the traits of her personality before making serious decisions. A girl who seems a sweet angel may turn to be a rude and vulgar woman.

Ideas for the First Date

With the help of modern online social media platforms and dating sites dating in your 30s has never been so easy. When you're ready to meet face-to-face with your partner, choose a place where you can easily communicate. There are some ideas:

  • a cozy lounge cafe with romantic atmosphere;
  • a strull around an uld part of your city;
  • to make a date on a roof of a skyscraper;
  • an active leisure (skating rink, bicycle ride or whatever).

All activities on the first date must be focused on knowing each other better.

Thus, dating in your 30s has some differences and features. But still this age is a perfect period of time to meet a life partner who's sharing your aims and lifestyle.