Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

How to Write a Profile for Dating?


If you made a firm decision to find love online, you should start with completing a profile. It impacts the first impression about you and gives a chance for future communication with a potential partner. With a plain profile, you can’t stand out from the crowd of millions of other users on dating platforms. Thus, in this article, we’re talking about how to write a dating profile for a woman and man.

6 Tips How to Write a Profile For a Dating Site

A good profile plays a crucial role in online dating. Of course, you need appealing photos. Few seconds are enough to understand whether you’re interesting or not for someone. But people who’re looking for a serious relationship will go deeper to know who you are. And that is the place where words come in.

There’s plenty of users trying to attract the opposite sex on dating sites. If your profile is like millions of others, it’s a slim chance to find an appropriate match. So you need to speak — tell the audience that you’re an interesting personality and you deserve their attention. Here is the list of top-6 tips on how to write a really good online dating profile. Check it out!

Complete Your Profile Without Gaps

Even introverts should be open to draw someone’s attention. With empty lines in the profile, you cannot interfere in a way people see you. Gaps tell the audience that you’re probably shy, unsociable, unconfident, or whatever. It’s a wrong approach.

Your concise bio must be honest, eye-catching, and interesting. Before you start filling in the profile, think about how you would like the others to embrace you. Give users an opportunity to get to know you. Describe hobbies, life attitude, values, expectations from online dating, and what you’re looking for on dating services.

Your profile must be easy to read as if you’re talking to a stranger in a bar and telling him/her about yourself. Let’s admit that an endless monologue is tiring. The best online dating profile is concise and comprehensive. Read it aloud several times. Does it sound boring and clunky? Shorten it, but don’t leave empty lines.

Give a Brief Takeaway of Who You Are

An unspoken rule in online dating says: keep a 70/30 balance. Devote 70% of information to you and your personality. The other 30% includes your expectations about your future partner.

Your profile should describe you as an individual character. Are you smart? Easy-going? Funny? Hard-working? You can ask your friends for help. Let them describe to you as if they introduce you to somebody. Choose 3-4 the most appropriate adjectives and write why you’re such a man with short examples.

Just think of what you would like your future partner to know about you. Then create a brief takeaway. After reading it the person will think, for example, "Oh, he’s an entrepreneur, who’s fond of dancing salsa every Friday night". Be sure, the right person will catch it.

To make the best online dating profile don’t forget to add what your life values are. Make a focus on what is important for you: family, children, entertainment, traveling, or whatever. Even if you’re passionate about computer games, say so! There’s a woman/man somewhere on the Web who thinks it’s cute.

Give Some Details

While completing a dating profile let the interested woman or man become a part of your life. Give more action to your words. What do we mean? Rather than writing one-word sentences, draw up some details.

The most popular hobbies on dating platforms are traveling, sport, active games or even reading. Compare two approaches to writing a block about hobbies:

  • I like sport and traveling.
  • I’m an active person and my passion is scuba diving. I’ve already dived in Thailand, Egypt, and the Philippines. My dream is to dive in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. To keep fit I’m jogging every morning and visiting the gym twice a week.

The first statement is faceless. Most people fill in a profile like this. Short and undescriptive sentences aren’t able to generate interest in your personality.

The second one is personalized. It helps to stand out from others. A reader with similar hobbies or who’s just interested in them will make a point. He/she can imagine traveling, morning runs, or diving somewhere.

Thus, to create the best online dating profile give some details about yourself. By the way, this information will help to keep a conversation during the first personal dates.

Describe the Person You’re Looking For

The greatest mistake people do in their profiles — listing perfect traits of an ideal match. "I’m looking for an 18-25-year-old blond woman with fit body and without bad habits" — such kind of phrase has the right to exist. But is it efficient? No.

Writing a checklist of hobbies, characteristics, the color of hair, eyes, and so on, you’ll sound official, rigid, and overly specific. Even if your potential love was impressed by a concise bio of yours, reading the list of demands will alienate him/her from you.

So how to make a good profile for online dating? It's better to write that you’re looking for a like-minded partner: active, keeping a healthy diet, like traveling, etc. In the first part of your profile, you’ve stated the hobbies. Now you’re writing that you need someone to watch Netflix together or play tennis or travel to Europe because it’s your passion. A potential spouse while reading this part should imagine himself/herself as a part of the story.

Remember that the maximum 30% of the profile you devote to describe the person you’re looking for. Otherwise, it sounds like a requirement for job seekers.

Avoid Banality and Cliche

The main idea of the best online dating profile is to stick out from the others. And it’s impossible if you use banal phrases and hoary cliches. Writing something like, "I’m a kind, a polite man looking for women with the same traits", you’ll be unnoticed on the Web.

You’d better be creative and a little weird. Do you like any things other people don’t? Say about them. Don’t try to be beloved by everybody, you aren’t a fluffy kitten. For example, rather than writing, "I want to meet an active girlfriend loving sport", say, "I’m fond of hiking and I’m looking for a partner for my future ascension on mountain Elbrus." The more you’re specific, the higher possibility to draw the attention of the right future spouse.

You can even recall a funny situation from your life and tell it like a story. Readers will appreciate your sincerity and honesty. If you manage to make somebody smile while reading your story, you’ll be considered as a cool guy/girl with a good sense of humor.

Grammar and Spelling Check

Last, but not the least in the checklist of tips on how to make a good profile for online dating is examination of your piece of work. We’re talking about text and writing that’s why your profile shouldn’t contain grammar and spelling mistakes. Typos in the profile are perceived as an author can’t be bothered to reread and check it.

By the way, it’s a good idea before publishing the profile to read it aloud at least twice. If you find parts hard to read, correct, or replace them. If you’re not sure about your language skills, you can ask friends for assistance. Just give them the text and ask for constructive feedback.

Use these tips to complete the best online dating profile and find your love online as a result. And remember that the first impression about you is formed from your short bio. Thus, be honest, creative, and not like all the others. There are millions of singles on dating websites and your task is to be different.