Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Dating for men over 50


If you’re 50 or something years old and you think about dating, you’re at the right place. And if you have any hesitations about dating at such an age, you’re also at the right place. has what to offer for single men in the May of life. From the article you’ll learn significant peculiarities of dating over 50 for men.

After you catch on all the tips, you can browse our site. There are dozens of single women at Ukrainianrealbrides who are waiting for their Mr. Right. You can easily find ladies’ profiles who’re interested in mature men. And if you have any difficulties, our matchmakers are always ready to help. So let’s start from the theory.

What to look for on a date

Most men in their 50th are fulfilled persons who have already reached success in their professional sphere. And we’re sure you’re one of them. Nobody wants to be fooled and cheated at this age by a woman (unless you’re looking for a kept woman). That’s why we’ve prepared a list of precautions you should keep in mind while going for a date with a lady:

  1. Yes, dating over 50 for men can be enjoyable and thrilling, but you should avoid girls gold-diggers. If your girlfriend starts a conversation with questions about your income level, where do you live and what do you do for living, it’s a red flag. Be sure she doesn’t feign affection to get material and other support from you.
  2. Just imagine you’re telling your potential girlfriend any exciting story. She pretends she is listening carefully, and then she begins to ask questions about the facts you’ve just mentioned. Maybe she wasn’t listening to you at all? If so, she might not be interested in you.
  3. Healthy relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. If your female partner always finds excuses why she cannot allow time for you, maybe you should start thinking about dating another girl.

Dating Tips for Men Over 50

After you get acquainted with red flags about dating women we’d like to give you useful and practical dating tips for men over 50:

  1. Impossible is nothing. Recall this phrase if you’re already desperate to build a healthy relationship at your age. Look at your circle of acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors or even friends. There must be single mature women around who are also looking for a life partner. If you cannot choose someone by yourself, you may always ask your friends for help. They know you all to pieces, so they can easily assist to find a perfect match for you.
  2. Dating online is always a win-win strategy for men who deal with difficulties in creating a relationship. For example, Ukrainianrealbrides is one of the best dating sites for men over 50. Create a profile, fill in some details about yourself and start searching for a potential girlfriend according to your taste. If you alone cannot tackle the task, there is a matchmaking service at your disposal on the website. Professional matchmakers may find you a perfect match and give all necessary advice even if you decide to date a woman from Ukraine or any other Slavic country.
  3. If you choose to date a woman online, you should remember that one day or another you need to meet her face to face. Even if she lives on another continent. Of course, if you’re interested in a serious relationship. No video and phone calls, messages or emails can replace real-life communication. Most reputable dating sites can arrange the trip for you to a country where your ladylove lives. Our general online dating advice for men over 50 is not to delay the moment of personal meeting.
  4. Be realistic about the age gap. Of course, it would be great to date a young hot beauty in her 20s, but are you sure that she wants to date a mature man in his 50s? It’s better to choose ladies 10 or maximum 15 years younger than you are. In this case the possibility of misunderstandings because of age difference comes to naught.
  5. Confidence and maturity is your great advantage. As we told above, most men in their 50s are already successful personalities in every life sphere. Use this advantage. Take responsibilities and let your girlfriend feel like a fragile woman.
  6. Remember that honesty is the base of trustworthy relationships. That’s why we add to the list of dating advice for men over 50 years old the point about mutual confidence. When you, a wise mature man at the age of 50s or something, date a woman, there is no sense to keep skeletons in the closet.
  7. Behave like a gentleman. Every woman dreams of being a princess regardless of her age. So let her feel not a princess, but a queen! Make compliments, give her presents, show good manners and so on. Be sure that the heart of even the most demanded lady will be melted.

How can we help you?

You’re warmly welcomed to if you want to succeed in love affairs and finally meet your Ms. Right. Our service is one the best dating sites for men over 50. No matter what kind of relationship you’re looking for, we are always ready to help you.

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How to start a conversation with a woman?

To find a potential girlfriend is half the battle. After you choose an appropriate spouse the most interesting things start. And this is communication. Our experience has shown that many men simply don’t know how to approach a lady online or offline. That’s why we’re sharing these dating tips for men over 50 concerning conversations:

  1. Try to catch her attention from the very first message. Check her profile, find something interesting or what you both have in common. And instead of ordinary greeting you may write to her that you’re, for example, a big fan of the Beatles too (of course, if so she does).
  2. Show genuine interest to your partner. Ask questions about her lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and so on. Every person likes attention to his/her personality.
  3. Instead of ordinary compliments that she is beautiful, think about something different and extraordinary. Make your girlfriend feel that she is really special to you.
  4. Dilute your text messages with emojis but use them carefully. Don’t need to put them after every single sentence.
  5. Don’t transform your conversation into a boring monologue about how great and successful you are. She might think that you're a selfish and self-centered man.


If you follow the above-mentioned dating tips for men over 50 you may be sure that the success won’t be long in coming. Some people believe that life only starts after 50 years old. And they’re absolutely right. That’s why you must be confident and full of determination. Don’t listen to pessimists and head towards your aim. And if you need assistance from professionals, Ukranianrealbrides’ team is at your disposal.