Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova

Scott and Tatiana – Perfect Love Story


Ukrainian Real Brides happily presents a new family that has started because their fate and our dating agency stepped in. It is time you meet Scott and Tatiana!

Who would have believed that Scott could meet his destiny in a foreign country such as Ukraine! However, miracles happen - Tatiana's lonely but loving heart found that perfect man she was waiting for too long.

This now-happy couple met online. Initially, it seemed that the language/culture barrier was going to intervene between them. However, something clicked in both of their hearts - somehow they knew that it was meant to be. After months of communication, which became heartier by the day, Scott felt like he couldn't continue this way. Both his heart and soul longed to see that beautiful woman he was getting to know face to face.

So, Scott visited Ukraine for the first time. As the man flashes back, he said that the country surprised him since he had expected it to be beautiful, but what he saw was beyond his highest expectations.

Tatiana and Scott spent every minute they could together. They were discovering and re-discovering her city, which gained new colors - the colors of love. However, after a few days, Scott was heading back to England. On his way home, he felt like something was missing, a piece of his heart remained in Kyiv with Tatiana - that was when the first thought of marriage entered his mind.

After a few more travels to Ukraine, the newly-formed couple, since they began dating, decided to go abroad together for a vacation. Tatiana did not know what Scott was carrying in a pocket close to his heart...

At sunset, on a beautiful Italian beach, with a bottle of champagne and a romantic dinner for two, he did it. He offered her his heart, and happily, Tatiana accepted it since she had already given him her soul in return!

It does not matter what stories people say. Ladies, if you look for it long enough, you will find your perfect man. We are destined to be brides or wives, but it takes time finding the right man who deserves to be that lucky one. I've found mine, so I couldn't be happier!' says Tatiana.