Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

The Best 5 Ukrainian First Date Tips


We hope you've already find a Slavic single woman with help of a fair online dating agency. You feel she's your perfect match. The relationship has been heading in right direction and you've decided to meet in person. Perfect! But dating online is totally different from face-to-face meetings. We've prepared a guide of dating a Ukrainian women tips which help to steal a heart of even the most beautiful lady.

The first date is vitally important. You may wonder why? The thing is, the very first impression is built on the personal date not online one. In order to succeed in love affairs with Ukrainian ladies you should know their cultural peculiarities, etiquette and try to meet her expectations. If you want to have more than one date with a Ukrainian girl, read carefully first online date tips below.

Tip 1. Is it still considered a date if you go Dutch?

Women in the USA, Canada and Western-European countries are pretty feminist. This movement is widespread there. Thus, men from mentioned destinations are used to it. If going Dutch is expected after date, for example, in Germany, it is considered as bad manners in Ukraine.

Ukrainian women dating has its peculiarities. One of them is the rule who pays on a date. A man is a leader in a relationship. He is a breadwinner and a dominant in a Ukrainian family. As a result, local women expect men to pay for a bill in a restaurant or to buy cinema tickets.

Ladies in Ukraine are hard working and self-motivated. Some of them even have a sufficient monthly earn income. These girls sometimes offer to share a bill. In this situation we still recommend you to take all responsibilities and pay by yourself. Your female companion will appreciate it.

This rule is a top-priority one in the list of first date tips for men. By the way, this cultural norm you can even observe when a waiter put a bill on a table. Be sure, the cheque will be settled down exactly next to you.

And one more thing, don't forget to tip restaurant staff. Both a waiter and your girlfriend will appreciate your generosity.

Tip 2. Learn about Ukrainian dating etiquette

Ukraine is a country with rich cultural heritage. It has been impacted by different nationalities and ethnic groups. Thus, there are various long-established traditions which foreigners probably don't know. To avoid misunderstandings, take the following advice: learn about Ukrainian dating etiquette in advance. Here are some essentials:

  • Punctuality is a must for males. If you're late on a date, you may consider it is totally spoiled. So calculate time for travel to an appointed place and come 10-15 minutes earlier. By the way, there is an unspoken rule in Ukraine that nice girls must be a little late. So don't be nervous if your girlfriend delays.
  • Dating a Ukrainian women tips include courtesies. A bouquet of sweet-scented flowers is a necessity for making a pleasant impression. You may present a small gift to celebrate your first date in person. These little things are big points in your karma bank.
  • Forget about going Dutch. We can't help but tell you again that it's a man's responsibility to pay a bill. Whether you go to a theater or have lunch in a cafe you're expected to cover dating expenses.
  • Let her feel safe. When your romantic date is coming to an end, take her home or order and pay a taxi. It shows that you worry about her safety.
  • Good manners hold in high regard. In truth, local men aren't renowned for good manners. That's why you have more chances to melt the heart of Ukrainian beauties. Act like a real gentleman: open a door before entering a building, help her put her coat off or whatever.

Tip 3. Come up with conversation topics before your date

There's nothing worse than sitting in an awkward silence opposite each other. One more basic hint from the list of the first date tips for men is preparing to a dialogue.

There's a strong possibility that you'll face with a language barrier. Online messaging and video-chats is simple because you both have enough time to think about the next phrase or use translator for help. In live conversation you deal with rapidity of speech, accent and voice tones. Add to that natural stress, and you'll be totally confused on the very first date.

To avoid this situation we highly recommend you to come up with conversation topics in advance. You'll kill two birds with one stone. First, you'll show yourself as a confident man. Second, you won't have any silent gaps in your conversation.

Use this tip to establish a close contact with your future bride. The following subjects are good for the first date:

  • lifestyle;
  • hobbies and interests;
  • education and favorite books;
  • dreams;
  • traveling.

These subjects will help you to know better each other. But dear gentlemen, don't discuss politics, religion and previous relationship. It can destroy all your foregoing efforts.

Tip 4. Learn some facts about Ukraine

Catch a handy hint from the list of dating a Ukrainian women tips: get acquainted with Ukraine before visiting this country.

Be ready to response a question why you've decided to choose a bride among Ukrainians. Knowledge about Ukrainian culture and traditions will work in your favor. Local ladies are educated, well-read and possess deeply knowledge in different fields. They are probably know a lot of information about your country. So just imagine an awkward moment when she asks you something about her motherland and you're confused with an answer.

Furthermore, discussing Ukraine and its traditions is another topic for conversation on the first date. Your girlfriend will be definitely astonished by your knowledge about her country. You can even learn some useful phrases in Ukrainian for bigger surprise of your bride. You should know, after all, about character of locals, if you're going to find a match among Ukrainian brides.

Tip 5. Be attentive and gallant

Good manners is one of the most powerful tools in dating a Ukrainian women tips. In general this advice co-opt all the previous ones. Being a gentleman means to be attentive, gallant and masculine person who takes care about his girlfriend. It's not only about paying bills in restaurants and giving a ride to home after a date.

Ukrainian women like confident, reliable and responsible men whose words meet deeds. If you're just a self-confident chatterbox, you have no chances for serious relations. Prove your intentions with actions.

Following dating etiquette will simplify all the process of communication. Be attentive to her needs, show genuine interest to her personality and cherish your sweety. Every girl likes to be admired and desired. Praise her with compliments. And don't use popular cliches about beautiful eyes and a good figure. Find something special in her appearance and emphasize it. The gesture will show her that she means for you more than others. Girls want to feel special.

If you act as a gentleman, the heart of even the most demanded girl will be melted. Don't forget about a sincere smile, eye contact and good manners. Be confident in yourself, take the above-mentioned tips and your efforts will be rewarded.