Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Dating after 60: rules and advices


People are always looking for timeless values: Love, Friendship, Mutual Understanding. They are beyond time at any age. When a man finds them, he will make every effort not to lose them. One is lucky to find love in his/her 20s or 30s and another spends the whole life trying to succeed in affairs of the heart.

Don't think that dating after 60 is a useless waste of time. You never know when you can experience the most sincerest feeling in the world. This article is devoted to senior people who aren't confident to meet their destiny in their 60s. We are going to prove that life doesn't end after 60 and it's possible to meet a soulmate.

Dating after 60: Myth or Reality?

The number of single people in their 60s is rising increasingly nowadays. Someone has gone through a divorce, someone has already become a widow. There are even people who haven't managed to meet their spouses at all. It is a genuine will of men and women of different ages to find a couple. Nobody wants to have a lonely life, especially in old age.

Women are looking for reliable support and men are eager to be cared for well. The dating process is both intimidating and thrilling at any age. When we're young, we're confident, energetic and live. We clearly understand who likes us and how to win someone's heart. When we become older, we just need to admit that life has changed. Thus, we need to change our mindset and adapt to modern society. Thanks to the spread of the Internet online dating after age 60 is a pretty good way to find a companion. Just remember the following things:

  1. Don't be afraid of the public opinion.

  2. Let go of the past and don't allow life-experience and habits ruin your present.

  3. Be open-minded.

  4. Accept another person as he/she is.

Senior people deserve happiness and love. It's in your hands to transform your life and let another person in your life. Keep reading and you'll know how to make dating after 60 years old interesting and meet a supportive companion.

Dating after 60: Rules of Dating for Senior Men

Creating new relationships in a mature age is absolutely possible and real. The only thing you should accept that things never be the same as they were 40 or 30 years ago. And it's absolutely normal. You're a mature wise man now and not a that careless young chap. You don't need to find a couple in night clubs or pubs. There is a different reality now.

Your requirements for ladies' traits have changed. And be sure that women in the same age group with you have other expectations from you as well. Mature ladies would much appreciate the next essential traits in adult men:

  1. Directness and honesty. Wise ladies in their 60s aren't looking for a short flirt or just sex. They need a supportive adult man with whom they can share the rest of life. So be straightforward in your intentions and don't play games.

  2. Sincerity. Don't build any barriers while expressing your emotions and feelings. Women always stay feminine creatures. You can be careful displaying affections in public. But when you stay private, you should showcase your sincere sentiments.

  3. Convergence of interests. To create a harmonious relations ladies prefer to date with men with common interests and hobbies. For example, if she keeps a healthy lifestyle and does regular sports, be ready to correspond to.

  4. Mutual understanding. Dating after 60 years old implies both you and your companion are experienced individuals with personal habits and lifestyle. There's no need to even try to change something in your partner's way of life. If you like a woman, accept her as she is with all her drawbacks and benefits. You're also not perfect, after all.

  5. Respect to life background. Men and women after 60 have children and grandchildren. There is nothing wrong to bond with them. If you have a joyful partnership with your soulmate, your families will be perfectly happy.

Online Dating for Aged People

We understand that approaching a woman in the street or in any public area is stressful for a mature person. You may be scared of rejection and previous bad experiences. It's not a problem. Social media has opened a door to the wonderful world of international communication.

Thanks to the Internet you can find a woman from any part of the world. Even if you desire to try dating with a Slavic beauty from Ukraine or Russia, everything is possible with up-to-day technologies. Online dating after 60 is more thrilling and exciting than it was in your youth. Meeting people online is easier than you may think. Regardless of age singles appeal to the Internet dating platforms in order to find the right person. You should accept this method because it's more effective and less stressful than traditional ones.

Once you create a profile on a dating website, you'll have an opportunity to say hi and start a conversation with a woman you prefer most. There is plenty of single ladies for any taste looking for a life partner. It's a great chance to find your perfect spouse wherever you are - in a small city or in a huge megapolis.

Meeting and Dating Online for Companionship

When you're online your age doesn't matter. Searching mechanisms of dating sites allow filtering women according to their age group. Moreover, you can even choose their location, nationality, color of hair and eyes. Be straightforward while searching. If you are looking for some distinct peculiarities of a perfect woman, just state them in your profile. For example, if you want to meet a great housewife with good culinary skills, just indicate it. The result of the search will be faster and more qualified.

Nevertheless, you should stay realistic concerning your demands. Most women in your age group are looking for companionship not for marriage. For young people love equals marriage. But when you both are mature, dating is perceived as becoming good life partners and support to each other. There are certainly some exceptions and we can meet people who got married in their late 60s. But it's still the exception rather than a rule.

First of all, dating after 60 implies interesting communication and pleasant pastime. Cooperative visiting cinemas, theatres, journeys, in one word - joyful time together, is the only thing most people want after 60 years old. And don't forget about sex. Yes, don't find it odd. It's a healthy thing for all ages. It will be surely different than it was 20 years ago. But it's still can be pleasant and useful. Sex is a necessary part of our physical and mental health. Listen to your partner, don't insist on it, and regenerate this habit in your life. Especially if you find a lady of 40-50 years old.

As we mentioned above, you should be reasonable. It stands to the age of your partner as well. Choose women not more than 15-20 years younger than you. You'll deal with a huge age gap otherwise and with all the ensuing consequences. You'd better pay attention not to attractive appearance but to a rich inner world. A perfect woman should share your interests and life goals. In this way you'll create a successful long-term companionship.

Handy Hints on Dating after 60

The best way to start dating after 60 years old is to take care of your physical health. Getting healthy and keeping fit is the prior essentials in your age. So get comfortable with yourself first and take up new relations. The following tips will prepare you for dating:

  1. Be involved. It's high time to take up a favorite hobby and broaden your horizons. Be open to everything new and don't dwell your old habits. You can try something unusual for you: watch new movies, listen to live concerts of modern bands, do some sports or whatever. New activities will help you to refresh your mindset and fill you with positive energy. Have fun and your positive life attitude will attract the same women.

  2. Enter in volunteer organizations or take a new project at your job. If you're already retired you can get involved in volunteer groups - reading books to kids, helping wild animals, or whatever. These activities let you meet open-minded and caring people, make new friends with the same interests. And if you still have been working, carry out new responsibilities and take a new project. You'll never be bored and, as a result, you'll have more curious stories in your arsenal for women.

  3. Keep reading books. Ladies of all ages like intelligent men. As we've discussed already dating after 60 implies companionship. It means that you must have a versatile topics to speak about with your beloved woman.

  4. Be brave. Women like confident men. Make a first step, initiate a theme for conversation, a place for a date, make a small present. These gestures will be much appreciated.

When you are ready to open your heart for warm feelings again, you'll easily find a life partner corresponding to your lifestyle and aims. Here are some extra hints which can help you to develop your new relations and keep happiness:

  1. Don't criticize your partner. At the age of 60 we have personal habits both good and bad. We are used to a certain lifestyle. Just be tolerant and adapt to each other.

  2. Discuss how you will maintain your family nest. Both of you likely already have a private home. You need to decide whether you're going to live together or you'll just meet from time to time somewhere on a date. At this age you're not obliged to get married. You can live as comfortable as you want.

  3. Relax and enjoy the process. You and your partner are wise and adult. Children have grown and nothing prevents you from a successful and happy life. So just let a new person in and enjoy a romance.

To sum up, dating after 60 years old isn't a myth. It's a new reality. Let yourself to meet a right person to joyfully meet retirement. If you have any doubts, you can contact us and we'll provide you with free consultation.