Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

TOP 10 Worst First Date Questions


The first date is the most important in building a relationship. You have only one attempt to win the girl's heart. If everything is smooth, time flies effortlessly and you both enjoy the company of each other, you have a big chance for a second date and further strengthening of connections.

A less pleasant scenario when there is an awkward silence during your dating. You don't know what to talk about and your conversation is weird. It's a million-to-one chance for a next date. Everything can end before it starts.

How to avoid this? The only right way is to prepare for the first date in advance. You should think about topics for conversation and don't ask the worst first date questions. We have prepared the list of these issues to make your life easy.

Worst first date questions

1.How do you want to spend time?

Asking this question you show a woman that you haven't strived to make any preparations. Your companion will hear something like "Oh, it's another first date, nothing serious. I'll figure it out!.

Ukrainian ladies like confident and reliable men. If you haven't discussed plans for going out together in advance, prepare a short-list of ideas and ask what she'd prefer. In this case you prove you come to the issue with full seriousness. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate this.

2.Why did you break up with your ex?

It's one of the worst questions to ask on a first date. Would you like to hear this towards yourself? Well, we guess you wouldn't. No matter why she is single right now, forget to dig up the past.

Every breakup is a painful and challenging time for women. You don't know the reasons why your girlfriend has split with her ex. Such question can hurt her fragile and vulnerable soul. We suppose you wouldn't like to have a date on a note of depression, crying and general bad mood. Actually, it's not your business why she has stopped previous relations. You'd better focus on present than on past. She is with you right now. So do your best to melt her heart.

3.How many boys have you dated before me?

It's connected with the previous one. To bury all the hope for further communication you may ask how many boys she has had before you. It's possibly the worst question to ask on a first date which make your girlfriend blush.

What answer would you like to get? "I've had sex with 14 guys before you. You'll be the 15th in my list. You'll think she's a woman of loose morals. On the other hand, she can tell you that she's dated the only man for 5 years. So what? Is she a well-mannered girl with high moral standards? Not necessarily. It can be lie. Anyway, this question is a complete nonsense.

4.What is your income?

Etiquette says it's a taboo question regardless who's your companion: a friend, a colleague or a girlfriend. The topic of money stands in one line with faith, nationality and politics.

Asking about salary you show your partner that money matters for you. A woman can think that you're kind of gigolo who's looking for a wealthy carer. To get more information about your partner it's better to inquire her lifestyle, interests and hobbies. In this way you'll have a clue who you're communicating with.

5.Tell me something about yourself

If you want to transform your first date into a job interview, you should definitely ask this worst first date questions. What exactly would you like to know? Stories from childhood, her first love at school or maybe something very intimate? The answer can be very abstract. Do you ready to listen to a monologue about her family roots, the first kiss, a name of her favorite pet in the childhood or whatever?

Moreover, if your girlfriend is little shy and not very communicative, this phrase can cause embarrassed silence. Your lady will feel uncomfortable not knowing what to tell you. It's much better to make a dialogue with short questions. Your date shouldn't be like an examination.

6.Why so beautiful girl is still single?

No offense, but it's a stupid question. Let's face it: you're lucky to meet this beautiful lady, and she is single. Do you really want to know why she is without a boyfriend? The worst question to ask on a first date. Be glad you have a chance to build a long-term relationship with her.

There is nothing wrong to be single. She might have been studying or making career, and she didn't have time for men before. Or maybe she hasn't met her perfect match yet. Just imagine she supposes she's sitting in front of her destiny and then you say, You're so attractive. Why are you still single? It's epic fail, man!

7.How do you see our relationship in 2 years?

One more topic which concerns job interview or examination at university. But it's not related the first date.

Be realistic. You're a strange person for her. It's the first face-to-face meeting and you've decided to ask about joint future plans. Why don't you make a proposal, after all? Sounds weird, doesn't it? To scare her away you may add a query whether she wants kids. Our congratulations, you've made everything not to meet her again. So it's one more worst first date questions.

8.Questions about appearance and health

Men shouldn't ask girls about their age, weight and height at least on the first date. It's a sign of bad manners. Weight, height and other appearance features you can easily estimate because she is sitting across you. As for age, women hate to tell how old they really are. It's their small personal secret.

Moreover, topics about illnesses are also not very pleasant. It's better to speak about healthy habits. To find something in common you may discuss hobbies and lifestyle. It might surprise you when you reveal that you both are crazy about fitness, tennis or other sports.

9.Describe Your Ideal Type of Man

Guys, come on, she's agreed for a date with you and she is aware of your appearance. It means you're an appropriate match. We hope you use your normal photo in the online profile, not a photoshopped one.

Requesting to describe an ideal man is in the list of the worst speed dating questions. It shows your diffidence. A girlfriend may think you have some problems with health or even with sexual life. She'll start hesitation whether you're the right person or she'd better find another one.

Vise versa, you should persuade her that you're a confident, self-sufficient man with good manners. Be polite, patient and attentive to her. Gentlemen are very rare nowadays, but ladies like them.

10.Do you like me?

Our list of the worst first date questions ends with harmless phrase "Do you like me? or sometimes even "Do you love me? At first glance, there's nothing strange in these words. But for the very first date they are unsuitable.

What's it all about? You meet a person face-to-face at first time. Even if you fall in love at first sight, it's all about your emotions. You both need time to get to know each other better. Things are not always what they seem. Maybe your beautiful girlfriend has odd character. To understand this you need time. So don't rush things.

To express feelings and emotions it's better to make a compliment and show genuine interest towards her personality. Leave love confessions for better moments.