Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

7 Sign She's about to Say "I Love You"


Women are mysterious and puzzling creatures. Men very often complain that they cannot understand the opposite sex. However, women's mystique and secrecy are like a magnet for men. This intrigues and attracts their attention. Especially when we're talking about Ukrainian women - the most desirable ladies for Western gentlemen.

Time and again the beauty of brides from Ukraine has been discussed on different media sources. And guys from the USA and European countries who have visited Ukraine will agree that Ukrainian females are the most beautiful in the world. They genuinely stand out from the other.

Maybe the only thing Ukrainian girls have in common with women from other countries is their modesty in expressing the feelings. We don't say that women are less emotional than men. No. We want to say that love confessions are traditionally a prerogative of men and ladies are usually limited to send special signs of affection. So how to decode these signs? How to know that she loves you?

Our team from Ukrainianrealbrides Agency has conducted a thorough review of women's behavior who are in love with their partner but haven't said about it yet. The result of our review you'll find below. Use these tips to understand that your girlfriend likes you .

1.She Sends you Signs on Body Language

Do you remember a popular movie from 15-years ago with Will Smith "Hitch"? The protagonist Alex Hitchens, played by Will Smith, says that 60% of communication between people is nonverbal including gestures, facial expressions, and poses. Another 30% of communication is for intonations and voice production. Thus, 90% of information people share with each other doesn't concern words.

And we cannot but agree with the protagonist. Different researches confirm his words. Every man who approaches a girl to speak doesn't do it at her bidding. He decodes the signals of her body language.

How to know that she really loves you? You should learn to read the signs of body language. If she sits in front of you in an open posture, it means she's ready for further communication and she has a positive energy towards you. Does she play with her hair? Do you have eye contact during your dialogue? She may even lick her lips when you're flirting with her. All these gestures say that she has an interest in you and she is about to say "I love you".

Another sign you should notice is touchings. If your girlfriend likes you, she will try to step closer, touch you as if it is accidentally, hug you, and so on. For example, she can take your hand when you're telling something funny or nestle against you when you're watching a horror movie together. In a word, body language will tell you more than words.

2.She Tries to Spend as much Time with You as She Can

Ukrainian women are both beautiful and intelligent. They usually can combine education, career, and favorite hobbies. When it comes to love affairs, they aren't ready to sacrifice something from above mentioned if they have a not serious relationship with a man. Thus, if a Ukrainian girl prefers a pastime with you together than parties with friends, hobbies, and so on, it means she has really serious intentions.

Nowadays we also spend much time online and different social networks have become an inherent part of our today's life. In this case, if you have continuous chats on social Apps, you share pictures, posts, and other stuff with each other and she replies to your messages as fast as she can, you can be sure that your partner is going to say those three magic words.

3.Her Flirtation is more Sexy

Lighthearted flirtation makes communication between men and women more relaxed and easy-going. It helps to realize that you're interesting to your significant other and there is something more between you together than just friendship. But how to know that she really loves you? Or maybe it's a friendly teasing without any serious reasons.

First of all, she may make you compliments. Yes, don't look so surprised. If the girl likes you, she will emphasize your body shape, a new hair-cut, stylish outfit, or whatever. The main goal of compliments is to let the partner feel desirable. So if you're complimented by your girlfriend, she is highly likely in love with you.

Secondly, her flirtation becomes more sexy and direct. You start to discuss intimate topics, your conversation is full of hot allusions and hopeful thinking. Our advice is to use this situation and take your relationship to the next closer level.

4.She is Ready to Introduce You to Family

Ladies in this country are world-famous for their family-orientation. The main value for Ukrainian women is their family. Until they don't have a husband, they do much appreciate their parents and close friends. They appreciate parents' opinions and advice. After a marriage, they devote themselves to their self-created family.

What do we want to say? When your girlfriend offers you to get acquainted with her parents, you should prepare thoroughly. It means that she perceives you in the role of her potential husband. If you are approved by her family, a love confession from the girlfriend of yours will not belong in coming.

5.She Posts Pictures with You in Social Networks

How to know that she loves you? The answer you may find at her social network's profile. Is it Instagram, Facebook, or any other network, if she makes posts from your pastime together, it means something more than just being friends.

Of course, some say that this isn't a one-hundred-percent sign. And we do agree because there is always a probability that she perceives you as a friend. But come on, do you want to be in a friend-zone? You can use this sign as a signal for more dynamic actions.

6. Your Girlfriend Tries to Surprise You

If you're looking for a girlfriend from Ukraine, you must have heard that they are perfect housewives. Their culinary skills are legendary. If your girlfriend invites you to her place, be sure that she will surprise you with her special meal cooked by her family recipe. And Ukrainian women don't stop at this. They can watch a football match with you instead of shopping, buy a small gift for you and so on. In a word, she wants to make something pleasant for you.

7.You Discuss Plans for the Future

When you hear "we" and "us" instead of "I" or "me", it means your girlfriend takes you both as a real couple with a serious long-term relationship. And if she offers to discuss your plans for the future, it's a genuine sign that she is going to say "I love you".

We hope that the above-mentioned signs will answer the question "How to know that she loves you?" However, if you're tired of waiting for your girlfriend's "I love you", take up the running and make a love confession first.