Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

How do international dating sites work?


All over the World online services have become increasingly popular in recent years. And international dating sites aren't an exception. This way of making relationships time and again has proved its effectiveness, especially if you're interested in dating girls from other countries. However, far not everyone understands how the service works.

Thus, after reading this article you'll get the answers to each and every question you have concerning characteristics and peculiarities of dating on the Internet. We're going to unlock the secrets about free and paid services. And of course, you'll get some tips on how to choose a good dating site. So, let's get down to business.

How does a free international dating site work?

The first thing you should realize about dating online is that there are two types of services — free and paid. Let's start from the first one, because you would like to use a proven website without scammers at no cost, aren't you? But we would like to warn you forthwith that this is very unlikely.

So let's look deeper at how a free international dating site works. Free of charge websites usually imply creating your profile indicating personal details from your bio. Then you can communicate with potential girlfriends who have already signed in to a dating platform.

The characteristics of a free international dating site

The process of dating differs from site to site, but most frequently you get a free of charge access only to a limited number of services. It can be messaging with a few girls or several minutes of video calls. After you try their free trial functions, websites offer you to buy their subscription. As usual, it doesn't cost more than $100-150 annually. But the result of this subscription isn't very efficient.

The general characteristics of free international dating services are the following:

  • limited access to most services;
  • no charge or very low fees which are very affordable;
  • this kind of dating platforms usually don't protect your privacy, thus you often face with scammers;
  • it's a good way to try dating online and to understand whether it suits you or not.

The characteristics of a paid international dating site

To the contrary to free services, paid platforms work absolutely differently. And there are myriads of sites which offer you girls from any part of the World. Good paid platforms can even offer you to try your luck in Ukrainian women dating. As you may know, Ukrainian females are one of the most desired, attractive and intelligent ladies.

The amount of paid services is really huge that's why it's difficult to describe all their peculiarities. But we've tried to outline their main characteristics:

  • There are different ways of communication at your disposal such as video calls, texting messages, delivery services, matchmaking and so on. You're free to choose the one you like most.
  • They have an effective and reliable anti-scam policy. Your private data isn't collected and sent to the third parties.
  • Paid international dating site works with proven and checked ladies. The risk to be scammed is minimal.

To make this topic more clear we offer you to get acquainted with the most abundant functions of paid platforms. So read the article further!.

Online video chat

This option is really widespread on both free and paid websites. Actually, it's a very convenient way to get to know your potential girlfriend, because you have the possibility to speak with women face to face.

How does it work? Once you log in a chosen platform you'll see ladies who are available online at this particular moment. Then you choose the one you'd like to chat with and call her. At free international dating sites you're highly likely to get a limited time for video chat. At paid platforms you usually pay for time you've spent communicating with ladies.

Why is this method of engagement isn't always efficient and reliable? Just think about for a second why so many beautiful and appealing ladies are 24/7 online in anticipation of a video call from you or somebody else. Some of them are just doing their job. They don't need any relations, they're just earning money. So be careful with unreliable websites in order to avoid scam.

What is the alternative to the video chat service?

You may wonder if there are any alternatives to traditional online video chats at dating sites. Of course there are. Websites with a good reputation have something to offer. For example, you may arrange the same video call but on Skype or Zoom. In this case the possibility to meet a real person who is interested in creating a relationship is much higher than in traditional online video chats.

By the way, while speaking on Skype or Zoom you don't pay for time you spend online. And if you're afraid of language barrier with your female partner, you may always order a service of interpreters at chosen international dating sites.

Romantic tours

This option is normally available on paid dating platforms and it can be represented in several forms. One of the most popular variations of romantic tours is a matchmaking trip. What is this?

Your dating agency arranges a trip to a country where you'd like to meet your future girlfriend. The most frequently single Western men choose Slavic countries. When you come to your destination, you'll have small parties and meetings with different ladies during some period. Usually these trips last from 3-4 days to week or more. Your task is to relax, have fun, talk to ladies and then make a choice. International dating sites usually provide you a manager who arranges all the activities in the hosted country and assists with translation.

Gift delivery services

Dear gentlemen, what do you usually do when you're going to win a woman's heart? Of course, you give her presents and other courtesy. And how to arrange this if you and your beloved partner are miles away from each other?

That's where we need gift delivery services which are provided by most dating sites. For example, if you're trying Ukrainian women dating, you must remember that female Ukrainians do much appreciate courtesy and small presents. So seize the opportunity and send your potential girlfriend a bouquet or something more valuable.

English lessons

As we've occasionally mentioned, Slavic countries are one of the most popular destinations for foreign men to find girlfriends or even future wives. But the problem is that most women in these countries have very poor English. As a result you face a language barrier and you need to communicate with your beloved partner with the help of a dictionary or interpreter.

To solve this inconvenience, international dating sites offer you to order English classes for your potential girlfriend. While you're communicating online, your partner will have the possibility to improve her English skills at classes or with a tutor. And when it's time to meet personally you'll be highly likely to speak with each other without an interpreter or dictionary.

Conclusion: a paid dating site is the best way to meet a girl

As you can see from the article free sites cannot guarantee high quality of services. And there is a big chance to be scammed by girls whom we can call gold diggers. That's why we recommend you to use the paid alternatives. We hope that now you understand how paid international sites work and you'll manage to find your destiny online without any obstacles.