Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

7 Characteristics of an Ideal Partner


When you fall in love with a person you even don't think about her personal qualities. You're inspired of positive emotions and affinity. Your girlfriend is like a magnet - you're drawn to her without any explanations.

But then passion flies away, and a serious relationship starts. You realize that life partner characteristics do more matter than simple emotions. You notice that nobody's perfect. The seemingly ideal spouse has some drawbacks and life baggage. And here is the point where challenge begins. If you want to build a long-term relationship, you should pay attention to personality and character of your future life partner.

We have prepared a top-7 list of characteristics which an ideal person should own. Experience shows, this checklist helps couples to build relations on a long-term basis. Let's start.

Characteristics of life partner

It's hard to explain why we fall in love. Some say it's about emotional commitment. Still, others say it's an insoluble puzzle. We don't know answer to this question. But what we know for sure, we keep the fire burning for rest of lives because of our significant other have ideal partner characteristics.

We don't believe the phrase "Love lasts three years". And we understand a perfect person is a myth. But the aim is to find not a perfect but an appropriate life partner who corresponds our expectations. If you manage to find such a girlfriend, your love will never ends.

7 Characteristics of a Good Life Partner

Let's not waste time and start with the essential characteristics of a good partner. You're likely to be blinded to notice them on the first date. But when you get to know each other better, these traits are necessary for strong family bonds. Here they are:


The first characteristic the customers of our agency are asking for is maturity. It's not about the age itself. It's more about emotional readiness for building a serious relationship.

What is behind the phrase "to be mature"? If someone always acts with solemn face, it doesn't mean he/she is a mature personality. It's not enough to give up acting like a kid.

If only you're not looking for an inexperienced girl at the age of 18, a chance to meet a woman with a rich life baggage is really high. And being "grown up" implies to leave the past in the past and be ready for a new relationship.

An emotionally mature person will never reflect her previous background on the current love affair. If a lady had bad ties with an ex, she will draw conclusions in order not to repeat mistakes. Building a harmonious relationship requires emotional maturity from both partners.


It's an important thing in the list of characteristics of a good marriage partner. It stands for openness in expressing feelings. Let's face it, even the most healthy relationship isn't perfect. You may argue with the partner from time to time and it's absolutely normal. But it's normal only when you are open with each other.

It means you can talk with your spouse about ways of development of the relations. It's better to discuss all the misperceptions than keep quiet and to take offense. Indeed, this quality follows maturity because openness is a common trait of grown up people.

3.Honesty & Integrity

Honesty is a basis of trust which is at the heart of the long-lasting relations between man and woman. Quite the opposite, dishonesty and deception brings with it quarrels, misunderstandings and destruction.

Being honest with a spouse is a must-have trait among the checklist of characteristics of a good partner. As people say, honesty is the best policy. Even in unpleasant situations it's better to be open with each other than making up stories and cheating. Some day or other the truth will triumph and bitterness of frustration will be more painful.

4.Respect & Independence

We live in society where men and women have equal rights. Everyone has personal interests, hobbies and lifestyle. And the mission of a couple is to be mutual respectful.

If a lady places her interests above yours, it's a bad sign. Both man and woman must be responsive to each other's dreams, desires and plans. For example, you like fitness and three days a week you spend in a gym. Your woman hates it. But if she is an understanding and respectful person, she will never make obstacles for your hobby. This also goes you. If she likes spending Friday evenings with her colleagues, be patient and give her some freedom.

You shouldn't control and teach each other. Never hurts to have independence and personal borders. Along with this you remain emotionally and physically close with the girlfriend. Just be respectful and understanding.

5.Sense of Humor

It's a powerful tool within the characteristics of a good partner. Sense of humor is like a lightning rod in the relationships. It helps to defuse tensions in critical moments.

If you both are able to laugh at yourself, life will be simpler. But humor must be harmless. Irritating your partner with bad jokes isn't the best idea.

Good sense of humor is a gift from nature. If your spouse doesn't possess it, it's not a big deal. She most likely has another qualities of a perfect woman.


This feeling is equal to love. Thus, if your soulmate isn't stingy with emotions, she will show her commitment with kisses, hugs and praise words.

Some ladies like to demonstrate their warm and tender feelings in public without any reservation. While others are more shy and prefer to express emotions only in private. All people are different. The main thing is your lover should enjoy spending time together, physical closeness and intimacy.

Affection is an important trait among ideal partner characteristics. You should feel your woman wants you, enjoys your touches and kisses. There is no place for tightness when you stay alone with each other. You have to unleash emotions and feelings.


This trait is close to honesty and understanding. The perfect partners finish each other's sentences. Harmonious relations means couple realize their commonalities, but at the same time are aware of the differences. So a family couple is a union of two independent, mature personalities with a number of wants, values and attitudes.

Empathy also implies you take the partner's drawbacks as your personal ones. And vise versa, when you have any troubles, your soulmate is ready to support and help. In other words, it's a mutual assistance.

To sum up, if you're striving to find an ideal Ukrainian woman for marriage and to build a happy relationship, you should also correspond to above-mentioned characteristics of a good partner. If you both make efforts to develop these qualities, be sure your love will last forever.