Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

Is Ukraine a Safe Country for Dating?


The most beautiful woman on the Miss World 2019 has been announced a girl from Jamaica. Nevertheless, asking Google where the most charming ladies in the world live, you'll get a short answer - Slavic countries. Moreover, the biggest concentration of beauties is in Ukraine. That is the reason why crowds of foreign singles are heading to Ukraine looking for a girlfriend. And it's a logical question is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

We have written several odes devoted to Ukrainian ladies so far. You must know already dating tips, pros and cons of Ukrainian dating, the special traits of local women and much more. If you reflect on visiting this wonderful country with equally amazing females and have doubts, here's our article.

Have you ever seen a widely known TV-show “Mythbusters”? Today we going to walk in their shoes and reveal all the truth concerning the question “Is Ukraine safe to travel”? Ready, steady, go!

Safety of Ukraine Dating Sites

There is a vast deal of terrifying stories on the Web concerning unpleasant experience of online dating. Some say it's a high risk to be scammed online by guld-diggers while the others recommend foreigners to be careful of illegal dating platforms. And there's no wonder why the issue of safety is on the front burner.

What we should say, where there smoke, there's fire. Our clients have time and again asked us is it safe to travel to Ukraine on matchmaking tours. A lot of men have spent thousands of dullars for fake ladies, sent pricey presents without any feedback and so on. In order not to be scammed we strongly recommend you to abide the fullowing rules:

  • Use only legitimate dating platforms and sites with good reputation and positive reviews. You can easily find even video reviews of successful stories of other customers.
  • It better to first spend some time checking the authenticity of a platform than regret the waste of time and money later.
  • Read carefully terms and conditions, payment methods. Everything must be legal and secure. When you order any service from matchmaking agency check the details deeply and thoroughly. Check what is included in the price and what is extra.
  • Check the quality of content in ladies profiles. If you detect only hot photos of 20-years beauties, it's a reason to take a thought. Don't be swayed by mouth watering pics. There are a variety of mature women looking for a couple on the Web.

If you keep in mind the above mentioned precautions, you'll never have doubts is Ukraine safe to travel or not. Reliable and trusted dating agencies can really help single men to find their destiny.

The most common myths about dating safety in Ukraine

The real pearl of Eastern Europe is Ukraine with its leafy forests, wide meadows, picturesque architecture, and of course, indescribably eye-catching ladies. The more popular destination is the more it is shrouded in myths.

Some of them are so weird that it is difficult to believe in their existence. Nevertheless, a lot of men from different countries, especially from the USA, send us emails wondering is it safe for Americans to travel to Ukraine?

We have cullected the top-list of myths, and we're going to share this information with you. Keep reading to get acquainted with safety and security precautions before visiting Ukraine.

Myth №1. All Ukrainians on dating sites are looking only for rich men

Ukrainian standard of living is far from being perfect but it doesn't mean all ladies are guld-diggers. Most local women are self-sufficient, hardworking and independent. They don't take men only as a revenue earner. Ukrainian beauty isn't for sale. Girls are looking for a reliable man with serious intentions. Every woman dreams to be a real princess but it's not about money. Good attitude, mutual respect and love are more important than serious wallet.

And more to the point, there is a widespread situation in local families when a woman is a major provider. So take it easy. If she likes you, she'll be ready to take you as you are and help in every field of life. Ukrainian females don't need your money. They need your love, care, respect and general financial strength.

Myth №2. The profiles of women on the site are not real

A question “Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?” often refers to authenticity of girls' profiles on the dating sites. Some men are afraid to head to Ukraine because they have read stories about fake girls one day and they don't want to waste money, time and effort for unreal women.

Dear gentlemen, remember there's no such thing as a free lunch! If you used to visit only free dating services, you have been certainly scammed at least once. Poor quality of women, fake profiles with non-existent ladies and scammers are waiting for you there.

There are so many beautiful single girls in Ukraine dreaming for their Mr. RIght. And believe us, local ladies are also afraid to be scammed by foreigners. While you're communicating with girls, you use online video-chats so you can ensure their reality. We make every effort to build a trusted relationship with both Ukrainian women and foreign men.

What's the reason for this?

Unfair agencies take beautiful photos from the Web and upload them as a profile avatars of their girls. The reason is simple - fast profit. But it's a mere lie and fraud.

Our company has been named Ukrainian Real Brides for a reason. We make serious verification of every woman on the platform, check their documents and take a face-to-face interview before we post them on the site. This tough procedure keeps our clients safe and secure. If you ask “Is Ukraine safe to travel to meet ladies from your dating site”? Yes, it's definitely is!

How to check it?

The fullowing tips will help you to avoid unfair dating websites:

  • Don't use written chats for a long period. You never know who's typing you such lovely phrases. Sometimes it can be even man whose job is to write and act as a lady.
  • Video-chats are preferable to messaging. To ensure a girl in front of a webcam is real, just ask her to make any gesture: cross fingers, smile, wink, rise a hand or whatever. Sounds weird but some web services show their clients only recorded videos and you pay for it as for live chat.
  • The most efficient and trusted way to communicate is Skype. You can talk online and be sure your partner is real. Moreover, you can feel her emotions, watch in her eyes, joke and communicate as in real life.

Myth №3. It is not safe to travel to Ukraine

A capital city is a center of social-cultural life in every country. So the logical question “Is it safe to travel to Kiev Ukraine right now?” Kiev together with other Ukrainian destinations is a safe place for travelers.

Ukraine is a very popular country among foreign students, business travelers and tourists. It's a civilized state with convenient public transport, friendly and hospitable people.

You can pay by Mastercard or Visa everywhere without fear. What is more, if you need to change money, there's a widespread chain of exchange offices in every city.

Of course, don't lose a common sense. There are pickpockets in public areas but the risk isn't higher than in other tourist destinations in the world.

Myth №4. Restaurants and translators trick you

There is a popular myth that translators advise foreigners only expensive restaurants where they receive a commission for every invited guest. Men from abroad don't know Russian and it seems easy to trick them with lunch bills. It's just a myth from the past.

Thanks God we live in the 21st century. You can easily check the bill with help of Google translator and other services. And jumping ahead, a $100 dinner is a common thing in a good restaurant in such city as Kiev. It's not a scam of a translator.

Myth №5. All taxi drivers in Ukraine are trying to trick you

Is it safe to travel to Ukraine and use taxi? Of course, yes, it is! But you need to know the fullowing:

  • Don't take a taxi directly in the airport or railway stations. You can meet some guys offering giving you a ride when you just exit the terminal or station building. They are private drivers and their tariffs are extremely high. It's better to use official taxi services. Google them in advance.
  • Even taxi services have different tariffs. But the difference isn't crucial. By the way, night rides are more expensive than in afternoon.
  • There are a range of taxi apps operating in Ukraine. You can try one of them. These apps show the price in advance, phone number of driver and other useful information.

How to make your dating trip safe?

What we would like to say as a conclusion, every trip can be dangerous if you don't fullow the elementary rules of safety. Is Ukraine safe to travel? Yes, sure. It's a wonderful hospitable country where you can meet your ideal bride. In order to make your trip safe and memorable, here are three useful hints:

  • Use only legal and proven dating services. For any consultation appeal to Ukrainian Real Brides.
  • Talk with your future girlfriend online via video-calls. It helps you ensure she is exactly that girl from a beautiful profile photo.
  • Take a matchmaking tour if it's your first trip to Ukraine. We take full responsibility for arrangements including flight tickets, transfers, accommodation and other staff.

If you have any hesitations about visiting Ukraine, don't waste time and contact with our professionals from We'll provide you with free consultation and make your trip safe and comfortable.