Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova

Selecting the Best Gift for a Ukrainian Girl: Practical Tips


Gifts and Ukrainian Ladies

The word spreads fast - Ukrainian brides are the most beautiful in the world. Even those gentlemen who do not think of marriage yet, come to Ukraine to test this theory. If you belong to this category, you should bear in mind that every country has its own culture and mentality.

Very often, something which is fine for your motherland is unacceptable in a country you visit while searching for that one girl who will steal your heart forever. Today, we are going to discuss the matter of gifts - how they are viewed and perceived in Ukraine, where every other girl deserves the title of a goddess.

Is It Okay to Come Without a Gift?

First thing first, we know how complex international dating can turn out to be. It is true that communicating online is a lot simpler when compared to real dating. Every man needs to be fully prepared for the latter. Thus, meeting your lady for the first time without a gift is bad luck.

Yet, it is quite obvious that you shouldn't invest much into something you are going to greet a girl with. A nice flower bouquet might be more than enough in many cases. However, it depends on everyone whether to combine this floral gesture with something else.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for a Ukrainian Girl?

When you are thinking about the best gift for a Ukrainian girl, you should consider several things. You need to understand the simple fact that a gift you give is not some sort of reward but a sign of affection.

There are a couple of ways for a man to come up with the best present his lady will adore:

  • You can ask her directly about what she would like to be brought as a gift;
  • You can come up with one on your own ideas.

Choosing the second option will bring a lot of brooding upon everything you have talked about and then figuring it out what she would appreciate most. Of course, taking the second route is sure to be more time-consuming. However, as a result, she will know that you did listen and memorize those things that matter to her. Those gentlemen who are marriage-serious about their relationship will definitely consider the latter option. They should be guided by their lady's:

  • Age

Ladies of different generations prefer different types of presents. While the younger generation is all about modern technology, the older one likes something classier.

  • Hobby

If your lady loves cooking or embroidering, you can easily present her something closely related to her hobby.

  • Profession

You will be surprised at how many women in Ukraine prefer profession-themed gifts. If she is a teacher - the chances are that she loves books, and a chef would be head over heels about some new cooking attire.

  • Parental status

Let's not forget about the fact that some women you are about to date might be happy moms. A present connected with her child's needs or likes will be much appreciated.

  • Personality

Lastly, it is never a waste to sit for a minute and think about what she is like. Whether she is active and adventurous or calm and humble - fit your present to her type of personality.

You should also take into consideration how close your relationship is since a more personal gift might be seen as inappropriate at the beginning of your romance.

Tips on the Best Gifts for a Ukrainian Girl

What is a nice gift for a Ukrainian girl? This is a tricky question since there is no such thing as a one-for-all present. While communicating online, both of you can learn what each of you likes and dislikes to come up with an idea of an appropriate gift. At the same, when you are not so much sure about something too personal to present, universal gifts can be considered. Think about:

  • Flowers
  • Perfume
  • Sweets
  • Jewelry
  • Perfect date

We are going to have a closer look at them so that every man's life could become a little less complex.


A bouquet is one of those universal gifts for a Ukrainian girl that all men tend to consider in the first place. There is nothing wrong with it since there is barely a woman who wouldn't like to get a gorgeous floral present on the first date. We should emphasize that even if it is your first date with a certain lady, you are expected to show your interest, appreciation, and respect by bringing a nice bouquet with you.

They say that all women love roses, but this is a misleading assumption. The key point here is that flowers are brought as a sign of man's interest towards a lady he is dating or getting acquainted with. However, there is one thing you need to take into account - in Ukraine, an odd number of flowers in a bouquet is considered to be a bad omen.


Just like all other women in the world, Ukrainian ladies love to smell nice. The fact is that men like it too. So, bringing your lady a little bottle of perfume would be always a great idea. However, be careful here. Very often, a woman has one or two scents she wears all the time, and you need to ask about those before heading to a perfume store. There is rarely anything worse than presenting your girl an expensive perfume she is not going to wear.


Chocolates are among those presents all Ukrainian men usually opt for. We must say that it is not a bad idea to add a nice box of chocolates to your bouquet. You have two choices here: you can either purchase those delicious treats in Ukraine or you can think in advance and grab a box of tasty candies with you when you are leaving your country. It is never a waste to show your lady some taste of your homeland.


When a man is overly serious about his feeling, he is trying to impress his lady with something more valuable than a bouquet and a box of chocolates. What we have in mind is some gorgeous jewelry. Of course, this is not a first-date kind of a gift. There is no need to force it - you will feel when the time comes, and you are ready to grant her something worth your level of affection.

When starting your search for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, make sure that you know the metal she prefers. There is no use in granting a gold pendant when she wears silver all the time and vice versa. Also, you should not give her a ring unless it is an engagement one since they see it as a sign of poor luck in Ukraine.

An unforgettable date

Lastly, let's not forget about the simple fact that emotions rule women. We mean that at times, new impressions are the best gift that she will carry with her throughout the years. Take her on a date she will never forget. Do something special and unusual, but do not forget about the romantic aspect of your meeting. Woo her with your attention and charisma. They say that if you manage to steal a Ukrainian woman's heart once, it will be yours forever, yet be gentle not to break it!

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that all women are alike. It does not matter whether Ukraine or France is her country of origin. She likes to be pampered and thought of at every moment of her man's life. She likes attention and at least a bit of courtliness. Very often, it is not about what you bring with you on a date - it is about the way you present it. At times, the humblest bouquet of her favorite flowers can do something that a hundred roses will never manage to beat. Ukrainian ladies are incredibly special, but their hearts can be moved with the simplest yet sincere gestures. Keep those things in mind, and as long as you are serious in your intentions - nothing will stop you from becoming a victor on this romantic battlefield!