Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

How to Marry a Ukrainian Woman


Why marry a Ukrainian woman?

Saying that the Internet has provided more possibilities for meeting people means ridiculously underestimating its capabilities. With modern technologies, romantic relations on different continents are available to everyone. Communication that would take weeks or days in the past is now occurring in a blink of an eye, permitting people to search for love far beyond their country of origin.

Here arises another question - in which country should men search for their future brides or mothers of their kids? There can only be the one best answer - in Ukraine, of course! Asking "why marry a Ukrainian girl” seems quite reasonable here, so make sure to check out our article and find out:

Positive traits of Ukrainian women in marriage

  • Ukrainian girls highly value family.

Family is everything to these ladies, meaning they would pay maximum attention to it. Ukrainian girls would not hesitate to give husbands all their love, but make sure to give something back as well. They don't like to see their efforts disappearing without visible results, so be grateful for everything that your Ukrainian lady is doing for the family.

There won't be a need to search for these things, however, since her affection for family chores is clearly visible to everyone. Caring about her kids and husband is her passion. So, when coming home from work, expect to find a fridge full of food, a tidy and organized house, and her making homework with kids.

  • Ukrainian ladies are well-educated and always willing to help their husbands.

Higher education in Ukraine is totally different from the US since universities are much more affordable. This leads to a higher availability of education for people, implying that your bride will likely have a university diploma.

The proficiency in many subjects makes conversations with Ukrainian women interesting, and their circle of interests is shockingly wide. If you encounter any type of issues, she would be willing and able to help you solve them out with ease since the skills she received in university help her overcome difficulties in life. Some traits, which your loved one does not reveal online, will be gladly shown in real life, so don't hesitate to make the first move!

  • Ukrainian women are very caring brides.

As mentioned earlier, family is a top priority for these girls. Despite her deep knowledge of various topics, she is still a wife and a mother - these things would always be more important than anything to a Ukrainian lady. They are very grateful to their husbands and would support them no matter what.

However, you need to contribute to the happiness of your family as well since attention to house chores from a husband is very valuable to these ladies. They will do their best in order to prevent your work issues distracting you from family life. Finding a wife more dedicated to caring about her spouse than a Ukrainian lady is truly a difficult task.

  • They are incredibly beautiful.

Though there are numerous hymns sung to the beauty of Slavic women, we will join the chore since it is truly worth mentioning. First, there is, of course, the inherited prettiness which is quite common for Ukrainian girls. Most people in the country lead relatively healthy lifestyles, especially in rural areas, which further adds to the nation's beauty.

However, the truly essential point here is how these women care about their looks. You will probably encounter a Ukrainian lady in full makeup and evening dress out for coffee or a loaf of bread - that's how much they are obsessed with looking good. The secret of her beauty is that she doesn't dress up for someone else - she likes looking great and, what is more, being aware of looking great.

  • Girls from Ukraine have the best characters.

If you are still asking "why Ukrainian wife”, here is a final argument to convince you once and for all - their incredible characters. Though they know how attractive they are, Ukrainian brides are not self-conceited at all. In fact, they are quite the opposite - generous, reliable, and extremely loyal. Hiring nannies or cleaning companies is completely unacceptable for them since Ukrainian girls are focused on their role as a housewife and obsessed with fulfilling their responsibilities. They would never leave their husbands during hard times because sticking to a family is what they were taught to do during crises.

Here are the best character traits of Ukrainian ladies:

  • Generosity;
  • Kindness;
  • Responsibility;
  • Attentiveness;
  • Loyalty.

Why date a Ukrainian and what Issues can arise?

  • Family values

Ukrainian culture is all around family, which suggests that your girlfriend will be very attached to her parents and relatives. This also means that her husband can count on her family's assistance in any situation since they will do everything for their beloved daughter and her spouse.

However, her parents will not hesitate to ask for your help as well, especially when financial troubles arise. In addition, meeting a girl online presupposes her parents living in Ukraine, which means that you will have to visit them at least a couple of times per year.

  • Splitting household responsibilities

A problem that might be overlooked while dating but will become rather noticeable when you start living together - house chores. Though Ukrainian traditions mainly presuppose wives handling all household responsibilities, her family could have different customs. It is fairly common to split housework between members of a large family, so she may be slightly overwhelmed by the amount of work she will have to handle as a wife. Hiring maids and nannies is not a widespread practice in Ukraine either, so she may oppose it strongly. Be prepared to help her handle house chores at the beginning of your life as a family, and you will be rewarded with great love and patience from her side.

  • Religion and traditions

Orthodox Christianity, as the most widespread religion in Ukraine, plays an important role in shaping traditions, culture, and celebrations in the country. This won't be much of a trouble if both of you are atheists or you share identical beliefs, but adapting to different traditions may be difficult once you start living together.

There are lots of variations in Orthodox and Catholic celebrations as well. For instance, Christmas is celebrated on different dates and is much less important than New Year for Ukrainians. You'll have to learn how to be respectful towards each other's traditions for keeping the relationships healthy, which may pose a certain challenge.

  • Language barrier

Prepare yourself to handling dozens of misunderstandings caused by language barriers at the beginning of your relationships. Keep in mind that a real conversation is something totally different from the mail you used before, and she may not be great in spoken English. Though English is taught in most Ukrainian schools and universities, talking to a native speaker is still very difficult for non-natives.

Try to avoid certain idioms and expressions when speaking to your Ukrainian girlfriend, as she may simply fail to grasp the sense of your speech. Do not hesitate to propose paying for her English lessons if you are planning serious relationships or marriage, as this step would save you a great amount of time and energy. In addition, it would be a nice way of telling her that your intentions are very concrete and that your generosity is not a mere word.

  • Attitude towards work

Keep in mind that staying at home to raise kids and do housework is completely normal for Ukrainian ladies. They may not be interested in building a career, passing all money issues in the family on to their husbands. Full control over the financial side of your relationships will be likely given to you, meaning that you will be the only contributor to the family budget.

Here's a list of traditional values Ukrainian ladies pay most attention to:

  • Family, especially parents, husbands, and kids;
  • Religion and customs;
  • Financial stability (as a way to guarantee a happy future for their kids).

How Can I Marry in Ukraine

The process itself is fairly simple on the legal side since Ukrainian law permits marriages with foreigners of any religion or nation. All you need to officially marry is a document supporting your legal status in Ukraine (e.g. visa, residence permit, entry stamp in a passport, etc.). A marriage application is then submitted by a couple to any State Registration and Notary Service of Ukraine. The registration process commonly takes around one month, resulting in an officially recognized marriage. Do keep in mind, however, that proxy marriages are illegal in Ukraine and that religious ceremonies are not considered official marriages.