Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

5 Tips on Attracting the Ukrainian Lady You Like


Ukrainian women act as a magnet for Western men. They’re beautiful, attractive, and desired. Single guys from the States and Europe are trying to find Ukrainian girls online to create a romantic relationship. Hence, women in Ukraine know their value. So dear gentlemen, you need to make every effort to win their hearts. This article includes top-5 on how to attract ladies’ tips. Grab them and you’ll have more chances to meet a Slavic beauty.

How to Attract Ladies from Ukraine

If you’re still single and have a strong will to date with ladies from Ukraine, you’re at the right place. Following our guide, you’ll increase your chances to succeed with Slavic ladies.

Develop Yourself

We would like to start with the general hint — self-development. It’s a generous statement that includes a range of points: intelligence, physical appearance, outlook, manners, and behavior.

We understand that there are no perfect people in the whole world. But still, you should work on yourself. And intelligence is a good direction to start with. Ukrainian ladies are very smart and erudite. Hence, they’re looking for a suitable man. Some say women in Ukraine consider a brain the sexiest body organ. We don’t mean you must be like an encyclopedia. Your intelligence involves the ability to talk on different topics and be an interesting company for conversation. Rather than making silly jokes study something about her country, culture, and language. Believe us, she’ll be pleasantly surprised.

How to be attractive to ladies without a handsome appearance? No way! If you’ve decided to win the heart of a Slavic girl, it’s time to do some sport and do something about your wardrobe. Most Ukrainian women keep a healthy diet and do yoga or fitness. And to emphasize they’re natural beauty they dress stylish clothes. Think about it. You should be a perfect match for these beauties.

Good manners are another useful tip. Ukrainian females like real gentlemen. Make compliments, buy flowers or open a taxi door before getting in a car or whatever. Believe us, it works.

Be Confident and Masculine

Ukrainian ladies cannot be attracted by a shy nerd who’s afraid to write a message, ask for a date, or whatever. They appreciate confidence and manliness. It doesn’t mean you must be a dictator. But it’s a normal situation when a man is an acquaintance-making initiator. Don’t wait until your girlfriend asks you for an offline date. Take initiatives on your own.

Use Your Sense of Humor

We believe you have a good sense of humor because it’s among the most powerful how to attract ladies tips. It’s not necessary to be a clown-like or a stand-up comic. It’s enough to tell a funny joke or a hilarious story from your life. Just make sure your jokes aren’t rude and embarrassing.

Good humor makes a good impression of you. It helps to keep a conversation going or break an awkward silence in your dialogue. Some guys are so serious and tense in communication with the opposite sex as if they are interviewed at the office.

Listen to More Than Speak: Let Her Talk About Herself

Ladies must feel that you’re interested in their personality. Whatever a bright life you live, you’d better let her speak more than you. Dale Carnegie, a famous American writer, and psychologist stated in one of his books, that you can make more friends by showing interest in other people than trying to persuade them how interesting you are.

How to be attractive to ladies? Encourage them to talk about themselves. People like to be in the highlight. We don’t insist on asking personal and intimate questions, no way. On the contrary, you should ask her about something she is passionate about. Where can you find this information? The easiest way is to examine carefully her profile and posted photos. You can notice her favorite destinations, books, music, and so on. The second way is to ask her directly.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

This phrase appeals to the beginning of our top-list. The result of your self-development is the best version of yours. You shouldn’t copy somebody’s behavior and appearance, especially of those pickup artists on the Web. If you’re looking for a romantic fling, it may be a good strategy. But in all other cases, it doesn’t work.

Ukrainian women are incisive and wise. They feel lie and cheating. So our recommendation on how to attract ladies’ attention is to be yourself. Don’t pretend to be a person you’re not. We have met guys who rented expensive cars and townhouses to show their nonexistent wealth. Their relationship with girls both started and finished extremely fast. Sooner or later the secret is out.