Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina Gutorova Founder, executive matchmaker of URB

TOP10 of the Most Popular Ukrainian Female Names


Everyone knows that Ukraine is the motherland of the most beautiful Slavic brides. Thus, many Western men are eager to find a bride from this wonderful country. Before dating with local beauties, it would be a good idea to get acquainted with the most popular Ukrainian female names.

Why can it be useful for you? Firstly, Ukrainian names may sound a little weird for gentlemen from Europe and the USA. Secondly, knowing the meaning of your girlfriend's name sometimes reveals her personal traits even before getting to know her. So our Ukrainianrealbrides team has prepared for you the top-10 women's names and their explanation.

10. Solomia

Solomia is a traditional Ukrainian name, but it has Hebrew origin. In other countries it is known as Salome and means "peace". So if you choose an exotic girlfriend Solomia, you'll get a peaceful, calm and friendly partner. In communication Solomia is foreright, openhearted. She doesn't like lies and injustice. In love relationships she may be a little naive, because she likes to idealize her partner.

9. Maria

Maria is the 9th number in the list of top female Ukrainian names. As well as Solomia, Maria has Hebrew origin. It is said that it's the most popular female name in the world because Maria was the name of Jesus's mother. In English this name is known as Mary.

Maria or shortened Masha is a kind, gentle and smooth-tempered personality. She is a perfect woman to start a family, because Masha is family-oriented, loves children and respects her husband.

8. Sophia

The list of popular Ukrainian female names will not be complete without a mellifluous name of Greek origin - Sophia. It means wisdom and right mindedness from Greek. In a single sentence Sophia is a circumspect and strong-willed personality. Her inner world is quite closed for strangers. Sophia dreams to find her Mr. Right to confide in him.

Sonia, a short name for Sophia, is very persistent that's why she often has a successful career. When the others throw in the towel, Sonia fights on. As a result, she gains success in every life field.

A romantic relationship with Sonia can be different. If you persuade her that she can trust you, be sure - your union will be strong and long-term.

7. Veronika

Veronika stands from the other Ukrainian first female names with its two-part structure. The first part Vero means "to bring" and the second one stands for "Victory". So word for word translation for Veronika is "a person who brings a victory".

In childhood a small girl Veronika is a sunny, positive and energetic child. She likes to be in the high light and attracts attention. When Veronika becomes a young lady, nothing changes. She still loves to catch men's eye and to flirt with them. She may fall in love quickly but her feelings aren't always permanent.

6. Victoria

There is one more "victress" among Ukrainian female names. In Roman mythology Victoria was a Goddess of victory as well as Nika in Greek myths. Short name for Victoria is Vika.

Women with the name Victoria have such personal traits as self-assertion, stubbornness, cunning and activeness. However, Vika remains a kind, shy and sometimes undetermined person. It can be difficult for her to make a decision. As a result, when Vika needs to choose a boyfriend, she spends hours in hesitation.

To win Victoria's heart you must be an attentive and tender man who can help Vika to feel her confidence. In return you'll be awarded with genuine love and care.

5. Angelina

Angelina is a popular Ukrainian female name which has alternatives in different countries. The international explanation of Angelina is the same everywhere. Angelina means "angel" or "harbinger".

Angelina rarely meets expectations to her name. She is far from being an angel. Women with the name Angelina are often capricious and have bad communication skills. It can be difficult to get on the right side of Angelina. Nevertheless, she is a good housewife and often has healthy family bonds.

4. Anna

This name is very common in Europe as well as in Ukraine. That's why we cannot remove it from the list of popular ukrainian female names. It has Greek roots, but the origin of this name is ancient Hebrew. The definition of Anna is "goodwill" or "benevolence".

Ladies named Anna usually have attractive appearance. They don't suffer a shortage of men's attention. But when it comes to make a choice of husband, Ann is very independent. It's impossible to impose on her love and relationship if she doesn't need this.

3. Irina

One more popular Ukrainian female name with Greek roots. There was a Goddess Irina in Greek mythology and it meant peace and calmness.

Irina is a genuine lady. She is graceful, sensitive and she loves to be loved. Although she values family, her husband and children, Irina manages to keep a perfect balance between family nest and career.

2. Kateryna

There are different variations of the name Ekaterina in European countries. The Ukrainians spell it as Kateryna. As all above mentioned names Kateryna has Greek origin and special definition - "pure". This name gains a rightful place in the list of top female Ukrainian names.

Kate is an open person who likes truth. She tries not to lie and be always an honest girl. Despite Kate is a Ms. Always Right, she is a cheerful and easygoing woman. Her special skill is to solve any conflicts or problems in a very calm manner.

Women with the name Kateryna are always surrounded by men's attention. This kind of girl likes to feel like a princess. So if the choice as your significant other is Kate, be ready to pamper her with compliments, gifts and other romantic stuff.


It may be the only name in our chart of popular ukrainian female names which doesn't have Greek or Hebrew roots. Name Natalia was formed in a time of early Christianity and meant "birth" or "nativity" from the Latin "Natalis Domini".

Natalia or Natasha is endowed by nature with intelligence, bright mind and leadership skills. Natalia thoroughly chooses a life partner. When she finds her right person, she is ready to devote herself to family and children. Her house is full of life energy and happiness at all times.