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Dating in your 30s


Are you 30 something years and you're single? Are you ready to meet your match but don't know how? Here they are: top advice on dating in your 30s. We're going to help you find a destiny and start a happy relationship. Of course, it's not the same as it was in your youth. But it's still... Read more

The Best 5 Ukrainian First Date Tips


We hope you've already find a Slavic single woman with help of a fair online dating agency. You feel she's your perfect match. The relationship has been heading in right direction and you've decided to meet in person. Perfect! But dating online is totally different from face-to-face mee... Read more

The best Ukrainian women characteristics


The fact that Ukrainian women possess amazing appearance along with the best female traits is an axiom. Most Western men are eager to meet an attractive bride from this wonderful Eastern-European country and start a family. If you're among this category of males, this article is a must-... Read more