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Dating divorced women: The best tips


Divorce is a painful process for both men and women. It means the end of what we usually think as eternal. Love ends, a relationship turns cold and a couple decides to get separated. But break-up doesn't mean the end of the whole life. It's just an unpleasant period that will surely end... Read more

Dating after 60: rules and advices


People are always looking for timeless values: Love, Friendship, Mutual Understanding. They are beyond time at any age. When a man finds them, he will make every effort not to lose them. One is lucky to find love in his/her 20s or 30s and another spends the whole life trying to succeed ... Read more

What are Ukrainian women like?


What are Ukrainian girls like?

In recent years, marriages with foreign women, particularly East European ladies, have been gaining popularity. And that's no wonder - they are well-known for their positive traits, such as generosity, loyalty, and beauty. But what makes Ukrainian... Read more