Video Calls and Real Dates

step 1.Interview with the matchmaker.

step 2.You make the list of the ladies you are interested in from the website

step 3.The matchmaker interviews the ladies and finds out if they meet all of your requirements and if they can be a good potential match for you.

step 4.You and matchmaker schedule video interviews (up to 20) with the ladies.

step 5.You and your matchmaker create a dating plan for the real life meetings in Ukraine (10 real life personal meetings).

step 6.You arrive to Ukraine and meet the ladies.


3 consultations with the matchmaker
20 video interviews with the ladies
50 hours of translation service
10 real life meetings (first dates) with the ladies
Transfer airport-hotel-airport
Taxi expanses for the ladies for the first meetings
Candies or flowers for the ladies for the first meetings

The fee: 7200 USD