Express Matchmaking

step 1..You send inquiry to us via email – or what’s app/telegram/viber - +39 333 86 515 36 and apply for the free 30 min consultation call with the matchmaker. Before the call you will be invited to fill in the form that we can understand if we can help you to meet the right lady for you. After the call and payment we create for you the list of the recommended profiles of the ladies. You choose one lady you want to get acquainted and to start communication with.

step 2.We contact the lady and organize video call or real life meeting for you and for the lady, you meet each other via video call or we arrange real life meeting , our interpreter will give to you assistance if it is required.

step 3.You exchange contact information with the lady and after you develop your communication.


2 consultation with the matchmaker
1 video interview or 1 real life meeting with the lady
1 contact info exchange
1.5 hour of translation service
1 basket of flowers after the video call or for the real life meeting

Regular Fee: 655 USD

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