Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

Love is the greatest feeling!

Give yourself a chance to love and to be beloved!

by Valentina

10 Dating Tips How to Use Online Dating Website Effectively


10 Dating Tips How to Use Online Dating Website Effectively.

Today in this article I want to share with you 10 dating tips how to use online dating website effectively. It is not a secret for anyone that nowadays online dating website is a source and a platform where we meet a lot of singles around the world. If you want to meet someone from your state or area, you go to a local dating website, if you made a decision to look for your life partner globally, you may choose international dating website and probably! Lol! I know that it is not a simple task to choose the right lady among hundreds and sometimes even thousands of ladies, who just want to talk with you and send you letters and invitations to chat and photos and etc.! It is really hard to answer all the ladies and of course it is just impossible, because you have your life and you don’t have enough time to do it, and third thing I want to mention, when you communicate with too many ladies it is impossible for you to concentrate on someone special and you may miss this right lady! So, here are the 10 dating tips, which I would recommend you to follow that to make your experience with and with other dating websites really special and effective!

1. Your photos! Once you joined the website and create your profile, you should spend some time on working on it! I recommend you to upload to your profile from 1 to 5 photos of YOURSELF! Yes! Of your face, some selfies and some other photos that a lady can see you and not the area where you live, or your car or your house, or your kids! You are the man who looks for a woman! Later, when you develop your communication, you will share with your lady some photos from your private life, but not now! As a woman, when I look at a man’s profile where he has photos of his car and house, I feel embarrassed, as if his car and house needs a woman, but not him. Think about it… Also I want to mention about kids… Your kids have you and their mother, if you are a single parent they have you and they are not looking for a partner, so later you can send photos to a lady, but respect your kids’ privacy as well... So, upload few photos of your face, where you smile and you are not looking stressed, few photos of yourself when you are doing something or standing, for example photos from fishing or hunting, some nice photos which may uncover your personality only a little.

2. Information in your profile. First of all I recommend telling the truth! If you want a younger woman you should not change your age and lie about it from the beginning, if you are here only for chatting and flirting, no problems, but if you have plans to meet people, it is not the right thing to do. If a man is not really honest about his age, well, I am not sure that he will be honest about other things… I hope you get me. Also, please find some minutes and write about your character and hobbies, about a woman you want to meet… First of all ladies will read and some of them may think or he is a great guy for me and some will think that it is not for her and she will continue browsing search.

3. First letter. Yes… I know that some guys send hundreds of first letters and it is not a problem, if you feel like doing it, do it! Especially that it is free, but… sometimes you forget to write the correct name of the lady… And you can imagine how she feels when she reads your letter… She understands that you are not a serious guy at all and of course she will feel a bit disappointed… So, please don’t forget to check the name of the lady in the beginning of your letters! It is important!

4. The beginning of the communication. If you exchanged some letters with the lady and she has not send to you any of her photos, ask her to do it! It may take some time for her, but after I think it will not be hard for a lady, also view her videos if she has some in her profile or you can ask her to upload some videos to her profile. If you want to learn more about your lady’s life, ask her to send you some photos of her with the kids or with parents, she may have any, yes, sometimes it happens, some people have lots of photos of food and other staff, but not of their parents and relatives and family. If a lady says, that she doesn’t have photos, ask her to make the photos especially for you. It will show to you that she is ready to do some small things only for you.

5. Contact Information. If you are communicating long enough with the lady and you are feeling that it is time for you both to exchange your contact information, do it without any hesitation! If there are restrictions to do it on the website you are using, like on ours, and just feel free to contact the admin and to find out how you can do it. I am sure the admin will assist you.

6. Chat. Chat is a great service which allows you to communicate with the lady live. It helps to learn more about each other and to have a real discussion. I just ask everyone, ladies and gentlemen, to be respectful to each other! If you are communicating with the woman and you are serious about her, just let her know, when you are going to be online and ask her when she has some time to be online, because some person may spend hours in front of the computer waiting for the man or for the lady they like.

7. Video Chat. Well, video chat is another great thing to use and it gives you a better picture of a person you are communicating. But! Please, guys, don’t run behind the train, don’t ask your lady to do something she is not prepared yet! It is a dating website and once you meet and things work out between you both, you will your lady stripping for you! I hope you agree with me… We are all adult and serious people here, we know that this site is for people who have serious intentions, so please, give the lady some time and give yourself a chance to enjoy each other in the real life…

8. The length of online communication. As you can understand I am sharing with you my personal opinion, and now I will say some things which may shock you… If you found some ladies who you like the most, if you feel some interest in some ladies or in one lady and you feel that you are not interested in anyone else, if you know that feels the same about you, so don’t hesitate and meet each other in the real life! I recommend meeting as soon as possible and the best time is within 6 month since your serious communication has started. Because if you are communicating with each other longer than 6 months before your first meeting, you both may lose interest in each other, you both may find someone better and the search process may continue non-stop. Be aware of it! I know many people who stuck in their search and they are still single… I hope you are not one of them.

9. The planning of your first meeting. So, the time is right and you are both exited to meet each other in the real life and you have so many questions. One of them is where to meet… If you want to meet only one lady, I recommend you to meet her not in her city or country and not in your area, just go somewhere together for a weekend or for a short holiday! You may ask me why? Because if she comes to you, she will behave as a guest, if you come to her you will not spend enough time with each other, if you travel somewhere you will belong to each other, you will learn more about each other and you will the real faces of each other… Well, I know that many ladies will disagree with me and many guys will say that they can’t take different ladies somewhere for a weekend, but it something, what really works! Think about it and if you have some question about this, just leave a comment and we will discuss.

10. Be ready! The first meeting is a very special part of your communication! You have been communicating with each other for some period of time, you have learnt lots of things about each other and in few hours or days, or minutes you will meet each other face to face… be sure, she is getting ready for the meeting and she will be ready! She will be dressed up, she will have some make up and she will to do her best that you like her… And about what about??? Dear Guys, My Dear Gentleman, please be respectful to yourself and to your lady! First of all think about your looks and what you are going to wear. You should show to your lady with your appearance that you were waiting for her, that this meeting is important to you and you took some effort that to look nice… I hope you agree with it…

Well, I hope that these 10 tips were really helpful for you. I hope we will discuss it more! Please, share with me your opinion and ask the questions!

Kind regards,
Yours, Valentina


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